Kathleen M. Storey

University of Michigan

I am currently a post-doctoral assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Michigan, under the mentorship of Trachette Jackson. I completed a BA in Mathematics from Carleton College in 2012 and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota in 2018, under the direction of Jasmine Foo.


I study the evolution of cancer using mathematical modeling. In particular, I use stochastic processes to model the process of cancer initiation from healthy tissue to invasive cancer in a spatially structured environment. I also study the evolution of drug resistance in glioblastoma, and particularly the role of MGMT methylation, in order to determine optimal treatment strategies. Other current topics of interest are the use of oncolytic viral therapy to treat cancer and the resulting immune dynamics, data-driven modeling of tumor growth, and uncertainty quantification. My publications are listed below.


  • H. Cho*, A.L. Lewis*, K. Storey*, R. Jennings, B. Shtylla, A.M. Reynolds, H. Byrne. `A Framework for Performing Data-Driven Modeling of Tumor Growth with Radiotherapy Treatment,' submitted.
    (* indicates equal contribution)
  • K. Storey, S. Lawler, T. Jackson. 'Modeling oncolytic viral therapy and the complex dynamics of innate and adaptive immunity,' accepted, to appear in Frontiers in Physiology.
  • D. Bhaskar, A. Manhart, J. Milzman, J. Nardini, K. Storey, C. Topaz, L. Ziegelmeier. 'Analyzing collective motion with machine learning and topology,' Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science (2019) 29(12): 123125, https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5125493.
  • K. Storey, K. Leder, A. Hawkins-Daarud, K. Swanson, A. Ahmed, R. Rockne, J. Foo. 'Glioblastoma recurrence and the role of MGMT promoter methylation,' Journal of Clinical Oncology - Clinical Cancer Informatics (2019) 3: p. 1-12.
  • K. Storey, M. Ryser, K. Leder, J. Foo. 'Spatial measures of genetic heterogeneity during carcinogenesis,' Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2017) 79(2): p. 237-276.
  • X. Wang, J.R. Walton, R.D. Parshad, K. Storey, M. Boggess. 'Analysis of the Trojan Y- Chromosome eradication strategy for an invasive species,' Journal of Mathematical Biology (2014) 68(7): p. 1731-1756.


I am currently teaching Math 404: Intermediate Differential Equations and Dynamics at the University of Michigan, which focuses on nonlinear dynamical systems and chaos theory. The courses I have taught previously are listed below.

Previous Teaching Experience

  • 463 Mathematical Modeling in Biology, Univ. of Michigan, Fall 2019
  • 216 Differential Equations, Univ. of Michigan, Winter 2019
  • 216 Differential Equations, Univ. of Michigan, Fall 2018
  • 1271 Calculus I, Univ. of Minnesota, Fall 2016
  • 1271 Calculus I, Univ. of Minnesota, Spring 2016
  • 1272 Calculus II, Univ. of Minnesota, Summer 2014
  • 1272 Calculus II, Univ. of Minnesota, Spring 2014
  • 2243 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Univ. of Minnesota, Fall 2013
  • 3283W Sequences, Series, and Foundations, Univ. of Minnesota, Spring 2013
  • 1271 Calculus I, Univ. of Minnesota, Fall 2012


Here is my CV (updated 12/19/19).