Health and Medical Dictionaries

Editors and physician writers of MedicineNet research submitted questions and publish answers. Includes a chat room.

Multilingual Medical Glossary
List consists of 1,830 terms which are translated into seven other languages. Terms and glossary may be browsed by language.

MedicineNet Dictionary
Easy to understand glossary of medical terms ranging from abdomen to zygote.

Virtual Hospital
Digital health sciences library which provides patient care support and distance learning to practicing physicians.

Glossary of Microbiology
A to Z searchable index of the terms, concepts and techniques of microbiology.

Medical Information Desk
Glossary of trademarked names for tools, equipment, and supplies commonly used in surgical procedures.

Whole Brain Atlas
Primer to the structure and function of the brain combined with discussion of cerebrovascular diseases and the aging process.

Dictionary of Orthopedics
Provides a short description of clinical features of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Anatomy of the Skin
Electron micrograph of the skin which contains links so the user can navigate this largest of human organs.

Atlas of Hematology
Slide presentation of normal and pathological findings. Covers a range of clinical conditions.

Avicom's MEDguide
Searchable directory of an A-Z of medicine as well as medical products, medical schools, and a chat site.

Cells Alive
Video, animation and explanatory text on topics such as bacteria growth and antibody production.

Diabetes Dictionary Index
Defines commonly used terms and is designed for people who have diabetes, and their families and friends. It provides basic information.

Database for information on medication, or locating a pharmacy by zip code. With a directory of government agencies.

Human Brain: A Learning Tool
Presentation of a series of learning modules. With explanations the various structures and faculties of each brain section.

Interactive Knee
View images of the human knee from multiple angles, with descriptions of the major bones, muscles and ligaments.

Introduction to Blood
Pictures and text which explain how blood is formed, its importance in saving our lives, and process of donating blood.

JFK Health World
Children's hands-on health and learning center focusing on interactive exhibits to help children build healthier lives.

Merck Manual
Manual of diagnosis and therapy covering most disorders, describing symptoms, common clinical procedures, and treatment.

Neuroscience for Kids
Explore the brain and nervous system, with activities and experiments. For elementary and secondary school students.

NPAC Visible Human Viewer
Select and view high-resolution images of two-dimensional slices of a human body. From Northeast Parallel Architectures Center.

Preview the Heart
Discover how the cardiovascular system works. Includes explanations of the techiques used to monitor the heart's performance.

Explore the brain, human behavior, genetics, and the ethics of science. With activities and a K-12 forum.

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