Matt Stevenson

Email: stevmatt (at) umich (dot) edu
Office: East Hall 1860

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at the University of Michigan, interested in algebraic geometry and non-Archimedean geometry. My advisor is Mattias Jonsson.


In past semesters, I was a GSI for Math 110 (Fall 2016), Math 115 (Fall 2014, 2015, 2018), Math 116 (Winter 2015, 2016), Math 215 (Spring 2018), and a grader for Math 602 (Fall 2017). In addition, I was a TA for MMSS "Introduction to Cryptography" during the summers of 2015-2018, an IBL course for high-school students.


  1. "Topology of hybrid analytifications," with Thibaud Lemanissier. Submitted. arXiv:1903.01926.
  2. "Essential skeletons of pairs and the geometric P=W conjecture,'' with Mirko Mauri & Enrica Mazzon. Submitted. arXiv:1810.11837.
  3. "A non-Archimedean Ohsawa-Takegoshi extension theorem.'' To appear in Math. Z. arXiv:1701.04839.
  4. "Conformally Covariant Operators and Conformal Invariants on Weighted Graphs", with Dmitry Jakobson, Thomas Ng, & Mashbat Suzuki. Geometriae Dedicata 174 (2015), 339-357. [pdf]

Lecture Notes

  1. Math 710, Topics in Modern Analysis II: L2 Methods, Winter 2018, taught by Mattias Jonsson (see course website). [pdf]
  2. Math 731, Topics in Algebraic Geometry I: Abelian Varieties, Fall 2017, taught by Bhargav Bhatt (see course website). [pdf]
  3. Math 679, Perfectoid Spaces, Winter 2017, taught by Bhargav Bhatt (see course website). [pdf]
  4. Seminar on Adic Spaces, Winter 2017, organized by Bhargav Bhatt. [pdf]; these are rough live-texed notes, see also the notes of Rankeya Datta & Takumi Murayama.


  1. "Uniformization of Drinfeld Modular Curves," from a talk in the seminar on Drinfeld modules, October 2017. [pdf]
  2. "Abhyankar and Quasi-Monomial Valuations," October 2017. [pdf]
  3. "Weil Restriction for Schemes and Beyond " (with Lena Ji, Shizhang Li, Patrick McFaddin, & Drew Moore, with guidance from Brian Conrad), August 2017. [pdf]
  4. "On the de Rham Cohomology of Algebraic Varieties," April 2015. [pdf]
  5. "Hilbert Polynomials," March 2015. [pdf]
  6. "Weyl's Law," October 2014. [pdf]
  7. "The Heat Kernel for Forms ," April 2014. [pdf]
  8. "Weyl's Law on Hyperbolic Riemann Surfaces," April 2014. [pdf]
  9. "The Algebraic Torus Theorem," April 2014. [pdf].
  10. "Small Categories Without Loops & Complexes of Groups," December 2013. [pdf].