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Welcome to the unofficial web-listing of FAMOUS, noteworthy, and INFAMOUS Germans from Russia! How do we begin to define famous?! In my opinion our emigrant mothers and fathers who raised the families and broke the sod on the landscape of their new world could be considered famous. Webster's defines it in this way:

For the purpose of this list, Webster's definition is used as our guide.

In 1763 The Empress of Russia, Catherine the Great, introduced a manifesto opening her borders to foreign settlers. One result was an influx of emigrants from Germany. For more information on the history of this period please consult the following resources: The Emigration from Germany to Russia, Dr. Karl Stumpp; American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Dale's timeline, or a Book List. Click here for more links, acknowledgments, and a disclaimer. This web-list includes famous Germans born in Russia or famous descendants of Germans from Russia.



INFAMOUS GERMANS FROM RUSSIA Controversial individuals who's family history just happens to include a German from Russia lineage. Can you solve the puzzles?

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