Pop-up Alphabet book, one of twenty-five copies, 70"x 3.25" (open), 2002. In the Rare Book collections of the Library of Congress and the University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor

Sky, 57.5" x 47.5", 2002, Milled and engraved cast acrylic, Quotation from poet Robert Kelly

Alphabet Woodcut 40" x 60", 2002, In the collection of the John M. Wing Foundation, Newberry Library, Chicago

Pop-up book: Here to There, 2003

Susan Skarsgard is an artist, designer, and teacher known internationally for her work, which has been exhibited and published widely. She works in both traditional and digital media using her skills with calligraphic line, letters, and words to create image and meaning in her work. She has given presentations to organizations and conferences throughout North America and Europe. In addition, Skarsgard is a Designer Manager at General Motors Design in Warren, Michigan.

The Imagine/Align project synthesizes many of Susan's interests and areas of expertise. Her art has always involved the idea and visual interpretation of line as meaning. She maintains a garden on the Old West Side in Ann Arbor and has a deep connection to Nichols Arboretum since first visiting in 1971.

Artist book works by Skarsgard may be seen at the web site of Passim Editions.