The Requisite Humor Page

The Internet is awash with funny stuff, or not so funny, depending on the beholder. This beholder has collected some of what he has considered funny. No claim, however, is being made as to the effect it will have on others.

The first couple of items used to be on the front page, and have been maintained for old times' sake.

  • University of Michigan Researchers Make Incredible Discovery!

  • Alien Fossil Discovered Near Ann Arbor!

    Here are some Christmas items:

    - a couple of takes on the "12 Days" theme:

    X-Files Christmas

    And some more things:

  • Air Force Maintenance

  • A Really Bad Day

  • Meat

  • Deciduous errata

    Most people may be familiar with Deciderata, a inspirational one-page manual on living a pure life. A long time ago someone told me about a negative version, one based on ultimate cynicism and greed, rather than hope and beauty. I never saw that version, but somehow the idea intrigued me, so I sat down and created my own, taken line-by-line from the original. I still get a kick out it, but I want to add that it in no way reflects my own outlook! (Grown-up early-70's hippie, tempered by realism and experience.)

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