Books about the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon

(Underlined titles are links to brief outlines from the book)

Beyond the Hundredth Meridian

Wallace Stegner, 1992

A history of of exploration in western U.S., especially by John Wesely Powell.

The Canyon Revisited: A Rephotography of the Grand Canyon 1923/1991

Donald Baars, University of Utah Press 1994

In 1923 a photographic survey was done through the grand canyon to assess locations for dams. In 1993 many of the same locations were rephotographed to ascertain changes to the canyon over time.

Grand Canyon, a Century of Change: Rephotgraphy of the 1889-1890 Stanton Expedition

Robert H. Webb, University of Arizona Press 1996

Another very interesting rephotography book, covering an even longer period of time.

Colorado River Basin

Michael Collier 1999

The Colorado River Survey, Robert B. Stanton and the Denver, Colorado Canyon and Pacific Railroad

Ed. Dwight B. Smith and Gregory Crampton 1987

Robert Stanton was determined to build a railroad through the Grand Canyon. What most called a hairbrained scheme he was convinced was possible, and he nearly convinces us, too. A fascinating story, and we can only thank our lucky stars that his efforts were in vain.

Grand Canyon Geology

Ed. Stanley Beus, Michael Morales 2003

Not for the faint of heart, but includes a chapter by Ivo Lucchitta.

The Great Unknown

The Journals of the Historic First Expedition Down the Colorado River

John Cooley 1998

Written by the men who accompanied John Wesley Powell on his first expedition.

How the Canyon Became Grand

Stephen Pyne

A short but elegent book on the history of the Grand Canyon, and how we have felt about it.

The Last Canyon

John Vernon 2001

A historical novel about John Wesley Powell’s trip. As much as is possible today, it gives you a feel for the men and the milieu.

The Man Who Walked Through Time

Colin Fletcher 1968

Fletcher was the first (recorded) man to walk the length of the Grand Canyon.

River: One Man’s Journey Down the Colorado River

Colin Fletcher 1997

At a relatively late age, Colin Fletcher traversed the entire length of the Colorado, starting at the source of the Green River, which many hydrologists consider the true beginning of the Colorado. Still an epic journey.

Standing Up Country, the Canyon lands of Utah & Arizona

C. Gregory Crampton 1964

River Runners of the Grand Canyon

David Lavender 1985

The stories of all the early river runners. A delightful cast of characters.

The Man Who Walked Through Time

Colin Fletcher, 1967

Under the Banner of Heaven

Jon Krakauer, 2003

River to Rim

Nancy Brian 1992

Geology Illustrated

John S. Shelton 1966

Writings of John Wesley Powell:

Canyons of the Colorado 1895

Exploration of the Colorado River

First Through the Grand Canyon 1915

Report of the Explorations in 1873 of Colorado River of the West and Its Tributaries

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