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The debut album by sub-ID on 1320 Records!

The Oblivion Ensemble is back!

Tuskface on a 1320 Mix Tape Tuskface

Check out E3Q on Block M Records and iTunes! e3qcover

This Electric Trumpet!

Doing the Chewbacca Wookie with my friends Into the Freylakh!

Albin Zak's An Average Day

Quartex sessions with Steve Rush, Tim Flood, Aaron Siegal and John Maloney

The All Rectangle's Ke Ala Mano, ambient, electronica, drum 'n bass hybrid

Multiple versions of Cartridge Music, one of Cage's greatest hits

The one and only rock/funk/glam/metal/punk/jazz/jam/progressive... monster

Never our favorite, but released at a legendary show at the Gold Dollar in Detroit

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Hans Fahlberg's Multimood label

The University of Michigan's Digital Music Ensemble with Blue Gene Tyranny

Brannon Hungness, Virtual Symphony No. 1

From Rochester, NY, Slumberscape, with Brannon Hungness

Also from Rochester, the Oblivion Ensemble's Nightmare Sinistrotorse

Still more from Rochester, Spleenclutch's Sketches of Pain, with Michael Demurga

And again