Chronological list of selected works:
Scores and full recordings available upon request :

Current projects:

The Lullaby Project - interpretations and arrangements of Finnish lullabies for cello, trumpet and miscellaneous instruments

This Quiet Trumpet- for solo acoustic trumpet using newly found embouchure techniques

Duo for upright Bass with low C extension and Flute/Alto Flute

Chamber work for Brave New Works with live electronics

This Bionic Trumpet - CD release including Sparklers, Pinwheels and Fireflies, Blowtorch, Other Planes of Where, Creatures, Beings and Organisms, Hymn 243, SilverSkyScape. 2009

Soprano/Violin - for simultaneous mezzo-soprano and violin (one person), with text I derived entirely from the words soprano and violin, 2007

Pieni Sanakirja - a short book of graphic scores for trumpet, alto saxophone and drum kit, 2006

Poison City - for coloratura soprano and accordion, 2006

Ten Miniatures - for children's spoken word performers of Telling It, trumpet, piano, percussion and guitar, 2005

Metamorphosis on Paavon Virsi - for five cellos, 2005

Hydroplane - for trumpet, tuba and percussion, 2005

Music for Is There Another Way To Go, a dramatc adaptation of Chekhov's The Seagull and Tennessee Williams' The Notebook of Trigorin. 2005

French Horn Quartet No. 1, 2005

Songbook One- An album-length suite of tunes and improvisatioins for trumpet, cello, percussion and live electronics, including Triage, Triangle, Tripoly, Tributary, Behind the Sky, Tricycle, Histrionic, Trifocal. Mistrial, TEW, Lucky Luke, 2004/05

The Song of Solomon (Bible, Chapters 1-3) for Soprano and Two Cellos, 2004/05

Three Songs for Baritone Voice and Cello, 2003

Variations on Leevi Madetoja's "Arkihuolesi Kaikki Heita" - for MIDI/Electric Trumpet and drum loops, 2003

Toivoo Festival Fanfare for trumpet, 2003

This Electric Trumpet CD release, including Feed The Meter, Fat Lip, Phantom Archive, PenduluMelisma, Army of None, Spirals, Ribbons and Rinds, Meet The Plumber, Menthol Shadows, Beacon, 2003-05.

Concerto for Wind Ensemble and MIDI/Electric Trumpet, 2002.
Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Michigan

Theremin Mix for MIDI/Electric Trumpet, Live Electronics, Mini-Disc, and Desktop Theremin, 2001

Duet for One for Amplified Cello and Live Electronics, 2001

Firefly Mix for MIDI/Electric Trumpet, Live Electronics, and Mini-Disc, 2001

String Quartet No. 4, 2000

The All Rectangle: Ke Ala Mano, Instrumental Electronic Jazz Quartet, CD release on New Polyphony Records, in collaboration with Alana Rocklin, Brad Bowden and Derek Crawford, 2000

Canterbury Mix for MIDI/Electric Trumpet, Live Electronics, and Mini-Disc, 2000

Bathe - MIDI/Electric Trumpet and Digital Playback, 1999

Two Nocturnes (for children) for Piano, 1999

Combo Tactic Game Piece for Open Instrumental Trio/Quartet with Tabla, 1999

Maschina: Purple Finger Syndrome, CD release on Fingrrr Records, Progressive/Alternative Rock Quartet, in collaboration with Alana Rocklin, Seth Hitsky and John Maloney. 1998

Maschina: Music for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream, University of Michigan Department of Musical Theater, Directed by Philip Kerr, Progressive/Alternative Rock Quartet and Acting

Chirp - Digital playback, 1998

Five Bagatelles for MIDI Trumpet and/or Digital Playback, 1998: Eye Sea Thru U - Bumper Pool - Bumper Car - (Why Can't We Be) Alone - Menthol Tinge

Bandwidth for Chamber Ensemble, 1998

Music for Solo Trumpet, (Acoustic) 1998
Currently under revision

Brass Quintet No. 2, 1998
Currently under revision

String Quartet No. 3, 1997
Currently under revision

Saxophone Quartet No. 1, 1997

Kepler for Digital Trio and MIDI Generated Graphics, 1997

Rant for Chamber Orchestra, 1997
Currently under revision

Weeping Willow for MIDI/Electric Trumpet and Digital Playback, 1996

Other Planes of Here for Symphony Band, MIDI Trumpet and/or Digital Quartet, 1996

Chopper for Trumpet and Marimba, 1996

Theme and Rituals for Carillon and Brass Quintet, 1996

Hammered for Solo Piano, 1996

Antiphonal Commune for Large Improvising Ensemble, 1995

Arrows for Chamber Ensemble, 1995
Masters Thesis, Eastman School of Music

Manual Pages for Large Improvising Ensemble, 1995

Stubble for Digital Playback, 1995

Mutuality - Duet for Violin and Cello, 1994

The Oblivion Ensemble: Nightmare Sinistrotorse, progressive/alternative rock ensemble, in collaboration with John Bergstrom and Brannon Hungness, CD release on Complacency Records, 1994

Psalm 92 for Soprano and Classical Guitar, 1994

Bionic Salad for MIDI/Electric Trumpet and Digital Playback, 1994

Behind the Sky Theme and Processional Variations for MIDI/electric Trumpet and Digital Playback (MAX), 1994

Elan Vital for Wind Ensemble, 1993

Burst for Chamber Ensemble, 1993

Paradigm Shift for String Quartet and Soprano Saxophone, 1993

For Four for Digital Playback (Csound), 1993

Glide - Tape Playback, 1991

Etude - Tape Playback, 1991

Sonic Document for Orchestra, 1991

Until Hereafter for Chamber Ensemble with Electronics, 1991

Lifetime - Tape Playback, 1990

String Quartet No. 1, 1990

Sonic Paint for Solo Piano, 1990

Probing the Inner Twilight - Tape Playback, 1990

Music for Six Trumpets, 1989