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social neuroendocrinology | feminist science | sexuality | gender/sex | sexual diversity

What's in a name?

'van Anders' is a hybrid of my previous last name (Anderson) + my partner's previous last name (van Leeuwen). We legally changed our names in 2003, and had a name-changing party to celebrate the occasion. So, I used to be Sari Anderson, and my partner used to be Greg van Leeuwen. Now I'm Sari van Anders, and my partner is Greg van Anders. Our new last name sounds like a real last name, eh?

Sari can be tricky to pronounce when you think of dresses, apologies, and/or Finnish versions. But, it's surprisingly easy; think of how you say 'Gary,' and you've basically got the fundamentals of pronunciation down if you add an 'S'. (Except you should replace the beginning consonant with an S to say Sari, rather than just saying Sgary.)

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