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Graduate Students for next Fall?

Interested in applying for next September? I encourage you to contact me ahead of your application. It helps me to hear about your interests, and being in contact with me will help you figure out if I am the right supervisor/mentor for you. When you email me, please let me know how you feel our research interests overlap and include a copy of your CV/resume and transcript (unofficial copy is fine).

Please note that my research focuses on healthy individuals, humans, and I am especially interested in how social contexts affect hormones (as well as bidirectional associations); if you are interested in a clinical program, non-human animals, or exclusively or more how hormones affect behavior, I would be happy to recommend some excellent colleagues to you.

Students can apply through the following programs, or be involved in them once accepted:

Department of Psychology Department of Women's Studies


The lab is recruiting!

Positions Open for Students who are: Lab Volunteers Involvement in the van Anders Lab Means... To Apply:

Looking forward to your applications!
If you have questions about your application, please contact our lab coordinator: Emily Spence (ekspence @

Post-Doctoral Queries

If you are interested in joining the lab for your post doctoral work, get in touch!

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