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New Award!
Dr. van Anders was recently awarded the Frank A. Beach 2014 Early Career Award from the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology!

Dr. van Anders becomes Editor!
Dr. van Anders is the new Editor of the Annual Review of Sex Research!

A Critical Moment in Sex/Gender
Dr. van Anders will be a keynote speaker at this conference in 2015!

New paper coming soon by Dr. van Anders and Lane Nesbitt!
There's jealousy... and then there's jealousy: Differential effects of jealousy on testosterone. Adaptive Human Behavior & Physiology.

New paper coming soon by Dr. van Anders, Melissa Manley, and Lisa Diamond!
Polyamory, monoamory, and sexual fluidity: A longitudinal study of identity and sexual trajectories. Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity.

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