van Anders

social neuroendocrinology lab


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Dr. van Anders goes to the American Sociological Association!
Dr. van Anders will be an invited speaker in 2015, about biology and social behavior.

New paper on Testosterone and Social Behavior!
Beyond masculinity: Testosterone, gender/sex, and human social behavior in a comparative context. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology.

New papers on Trans and Gender/Sex!
Newborn bio/logics and legal definitions of gender/sex for US state documents. Feminism and Psychology. AND Bio/logics Transgender Studies Quarterly.

New paper on Testosterone and Dyadic Relational Analyses!
Dyadic associations between testosterone and relationship quality in couples.Hormones and Behavior.

New paper on Testosterone and Measurement in Sex Research!
Measurement of testosterone in human sexuality research: Methodological considerations. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

sari van anders, ph.d.
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