Here are some of my recent projects - feel free to get in touch for more information!

What is the function of a memory system? What does the structure of memory have to do with its function?

  • "Memory Structure and Cognitive Maps," with Sarah Robins and Arjen Stolk, Forthcoming in De Brigard and Sinott-Armstrong (eds.) Neuroscience and Philosophy, MIT press. [pdf]
  • "Memory is a Modeling System," Mind and Language, 34(4): 483-502. 2019. [pdf]
  • “Retrieval is Central to the Distinctive Function of Episodic Memory” (commentary), in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2018. [pdf].
Does the rationality of your beliefs depend on where you are in the process of learning? What kinds of behaviors are governed by rational norms?

  • “Exploring by Believing”, forthcoming in the Philosophical Review. [pdf]
  • "What Epistemic Reasons are For: Against the Belief-Sandwich Distinction," with Daniel Singer, Forthcoming in Billy Dunaway & David Plunkett (eds.), Meaning, Decision, and Norms: Themes from the Work of Allan Gibbard, University of Michigan Press. [pdf]
How and what do we learn through imagination? What kinds of explanations trigger imaginative engagement?

  • “Learning by Simulating” with Tania Lombrozo, Philosophers' Imprint, 20. 2020. [here]
    • Check out a video of some of our related experiments [here] and a blog post [here]
  • "Experiential Explanation", with Tania Lombrozo. TopiCS (2019). [pdf]
  • a blog post about a new project on the reuse of information in imagination [here]
Islamic philosophy
What is the place of history in a system of religious knowledge? Can religious requirements be truly arbitrary and still binding?

  • "Iqbal’s Fractured Vision: History as a Science and the Moral Weight of the Past," with Reza Hadisi, Philosophy East and West, 2020. [pdf]
  • "The Problem of Arbitrary Requirements: An Abrahamic Perspective," with Marilie Coetsee and Amir Saemi, forthcoming in the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. [pdf]