1925, 68 Rank Skinner Pipe Organ


Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, Detroit


You Can Find Recordings of this instrument at JAV Recording's Website

Ken Cowans CD

Jared Johnsons Liszt CD


The console still running on its original combination action


Great Pipework (front half, Pedal Double-Open behind)


The Tongue of the Low D of the

32' Contra Bombarde


Swell Division - Right Side


Swell Left Hand Side

Note Flute Triangular - First Skinner version of this Stop



The Orchestral Oboe and Clarinet of the Choir Division


Choir Harp and Celeste with wooden resonators


Solo Division Upper Level

L to R: Gambe Celeste, French Horn, English Horn,

Stentorphone, and Gambe. Notice the leathered upper

lip of the Stentorphone Basses against the wall.


Solo Division Tuba Chorus

L to R: Tuba Mirabilis, Clarion 4', Tuba 8' Ophaclide 16'


Echo Organ



15 Hp Blower (3 Stages)


The Church decked out for Christmas



Carved Angels on the back balcony railing



More Organ Details


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