UIST Committee Responsibilities

Registration Chair


Overview of Responsibilities

Registration Develop registration form
Develop and maintain registration database
Credit card charges Obtain approval for all charges, submit to ACM for collection
Badges, registration envelopes, etc. Buy, print and bring to conference
Bag stuffing Have badges, receipts, reception tickets, etc. ready
Supervise stuffing
On-site sales Track sales of proceedings, videos, extra tickets, etc.
House management Make sure student volunteers at registration desk have answers to any and all potential questions...

Months Before the Conference

Registration Form

On-line-registration-only works really well. You don't have to mess with indecipherable handwriting, you can send yourself e-mail with the data so you minimize data entry and you can catch anyone whose paper materials don't arrive.

Hopefully, by 1999 ACM will have its act together enough so that web registration will be a reality, with no need to fax in anything.



Desired Updates

Registration Database

Spend the time to set this up right! If you can work with a relational database so you can set up multiple databases, so much the better.




The conference chair will regularly want to know how many people are registered, by category: ACM early/late, non-ACM early/late, student early/late, free registrations. Setting up scripts to generate these numbers will make your life easier.


Credit Card Procedures

  1. Get credit card phone and merchange numbers from the ACM Office of Financial Services. (Curtis Harris in 1997.)
  2. As you get credit card orders, you call the credit card company to approve charge. Note that this does not actually post the charge to the account.
  3. You then submit batches of charges to ACM (on a "transmittal form" that they will give you) and they do the actual collection.


A Week Before the Early Registration Deadline

Two Weeks Before the Conference


Three Days Before the Conference

Labels for Registration Envelopes

These should contain


Check-In List

This helps you keep track of how many people have actually arrived and gives you a place for SVs to note accompanying person's names and other notes to you.

Sales Receipts

Pre-printed sales receipts makes it easier for SVs to track sales. They fill out two for each sale: one to give to the buyer, one to give to you. Pre-perforated business card forms work well: you can tear them off in pairs.


At the Conference

Student Volunteers

The student volunteer chair will provide you with a number of reasonably intelligent bodies. A good workload seems to be:

Before registration opens 4 volunteers for 3 hours
First night of registration 2-3 volunteers
First morning, until end of 1st session 3 volunteers
All other times 2 volunteers (you really only need 1, but this way you have one to send on errands or in case someone doesn't show up)

After the Conference


Updated November 9, 1998 SJul
Created October 29, 1997 SJul