UIST Committee Responsibilities

Publicity Chair

Web page:
  -- get ACM server access ASAP
  -- contents
    * Logo (always a problem to get someone to design it!)
    * Sponsors' logos (Also needed for paper mailings; try to get EPS
      or some other non-rasterized format, so you can resize)
    * Links to registration, hotel, local info, travel info, related
    * post CFP, advance program, & final program as soon as available
    * placeholder pages: "XXX isn't available yet.  If you want to be
      added to the UIST mailing list, contact..."
  -- links to/from SIGGRAPH + ACM events calendars (web)
  -- new lists??  last yr's UIST attendee list?
  -- CFP & advance program as available
  -- reminders ~1 month before deadlines (submission, early
     registration, & conference)
  -- Flyers @ CHI, SIGGRAPH, other fall conferences (if ready in time!)
  -- mail advance prog to last yr's attendees + CHI mailing list (others?)
  -- Final program (sometimes done by program/papers chair)
Misc (some new ideas, some previously-tried, some that might be done
by someone else):
  -- CACM listing
  -- Cooperate w/ PUI, Wearable Computing, OOPSLA, other related workshops
  -- Little stickers for badges at CHI, and/or other insignia for UIST
     committee to wear at other conferences (like SIGGRAPH 2000 committee)
  -- Solicit book display copies from publishers.  (Done in '96.  Books were
     given to SVs at end of conference)
  -- Posters (Done in '98)
  -- Mugs (Done in '97 for 10th anniversary)
  -- Shirts (usually done by SVs)
  -- Graphic design donors (new sponsor category?)