Graduate Studies
Remote Sensing & GIS

The graduate program here at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor has provided me with a sound basis in the fundamentals and practical applications of remote sensing, GIS, and GPS. The program itself is quite interdisciplinary and calls upon various departments and adjunct professors to help design and instruct the program. Included in this process are employees from the nearby ERIM (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) International who provide expert insight regarding practical applications.

The following are courses I have taken during my graduate studies here at the University of Michigan. The professors that instructed each course are listed, followed by where they currently hail from in paranthesis.

AOSS = Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences Department (College of Engineering)
CEE = Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (College of Engineering)
EECS= Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department (College of Engineering)
NRE = School of Natural Resources and the Environment
UP = College of Architecture and Urban Planning

AOSS 458: Principles and Applications of Visible and Infrared Remote Sensing
John F. Vesecky, Ph.D (U of M), John Wharton, Ph.D (ERIM International), Kenneth W. Fischer, Ph.D (ERIM International).

AOSS 459 / EECS 450 / NRE 543: Principles and Applications of Radio and Active Remote Sensing
Charles E. Olson Jr., Ph.D (U of M), Robert Schuckman, Ph.D (ERIM International ), Chris Wackerman, Ph.D (ERIM International), Kenneth W. Fischer, Ph.D (ERIM International), John F. Vesecky, Ph.D (U of M), Robert Onstott, Ph.D (ERIM International), Richard Larson, Ph.D (ERIM International), Adam Kozma, Ph.D (U of M).

AOSS 556: Space System Design for Space Sciences
John F. Vesecky, Ph.D (U of M), Kenneth W. Fischer, Ph.D (ERIM International) .

AOSS 580: Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Project Laboratory
Jason M. Daida, Ph.D (U of M).

CEE 560: Digital Mapping and GIS Applications
Rajendra K. Aggarwala, Ph.D (U of M).

EECS 599 / NRE 542: Optical Sensors and Instrumentation for Remote Sensing
Lauren M. Peterson, Ph.D (ERIM International).

NRE 501: Geography: Spatial Analysis Theory & Practice
Sandra L. Arlinghaus, Ph.D (U of M).

NRE 541: Energy Flow Processes in Remote Sensing
Charles E. Olson Jr., Ph.D (U of M).

NRE 579/UP 579: Land Use Planning and Design
Donna L. Erickson, Ph.D (U of M).

UP 507: Geographic Information Systems Applications and Methods
John D. Nystuen, Ph.D (U of M).

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