UMich Library Proxy Bookmarklet

Note: There is now an official version of this from the University.  Feel free to use this one, but the official version is here:

What does the bookmarklet do?

This is a bookmarklet designed to take a user from a page, such as an article on JSTOR, to the University of Michigan proxy version of that page.  Typically, when working from home, one must find the article one is looking for by searching, then go to the library website and try to find the database link on the website. Using this bookmarklet, you can avoid finding the library link to the database and jump to exactly what you're looking for.

A bookmarklet is a small bit of javascript that acts just like a bookmark in your browser, so you can put it where you keep your bookmarks, including your bookmark toolbar.  But, when you click it, instead of taking you to a bookmarked page, it takes you to the library proxy.

Unfortunately, this bookmarklet does not work for ALL sites accessable through the UMich library proxy, but it does work for many including JSTOR, the OED, and Blackwell.  But, when it doesn't work, it takes you to a list of sites accessible through the proxy, so you can easily find what you're looking for.

How do I install and use the bookmarklet?

To install the bookmarklet, just bookmark this link by right-clicking and selecting  "Bookmark this Link" (or the variant in your browser) or just drag it to your bookmarks or bookmark toolbar.

UMich Library Proxy (Bookmark this!)

Now, when you'd like to see something through the proxy, just go to the page and click the bookmarklet.  For example, go to this example on JSTOR.  Then click the bookmarklet.  You'll need to login with your UMich uniqname the first time you go to a proxy site in each browser session.

This bookmarklet was made completely independently of the library and the University of Michigan and may cease working at any time.  Use it at your own risk.  (You can view the source code of the bookmarklet by right-clicking on it.)

This bookmarklet should work with IE 7, Firefox 3, Safari, and Opera 9.  If you're having problems with the bookmarklet, please send me an email at  If you're having problems with the proxy or anything unrelated to the bookmarklet, please seek the library's assistance.  I will not respond to requests that do not concern the bookmarklet.