I am a first year master's student in the School of Information at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I am specializing in Information Analysis and Retrieval. I came back to school after working for more than four years as a software developer. My research interests are information retrieval, interaction design and large scale data analysis. After acquiring some highly valuable skills through my graduate education, I plan to continue working as a software developer. My dream job will not only give me ample scope to use my skills but will also provide me with new learning challenges and opportunities.

I transferred to University of Michigan after finishing the first year of my graduate degree, in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin.

My undergraduate education in information technology led me to choose a career in software development. I learnt the art of writing good software packages in my role as a software developer in three multinational companies: Quark Media House, Motorola India, and Samsung India Software Center. The courses I have taken in my graduate education so far have augmented my knowledge and exposure to cutting edge technologies like distributing computing, interaction design and machine learning.

I am fascinated by data mining techniques that enable automatic "mining" of information from large data sets. The Data Intensive Computing for Text Analysis course taught me to write MapReduce programs that run on distributed commodity clusters. Parallel processing using distributed commodity clusters enable processing of large data sets to extract information efficiently.

During the first year of my graduate education I have developed various soft skills in addition to technical skills. I have learnt to work productively with people of different personalities which is very crucial for a company's success. I have also learnt the art of presenting myself well both in person and in writing.

To learn more about my experience and work, please see my resume and projects.