Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Carneval/Fasnacht! Happy Chinese New Year!

Today every Finnish child went for a sleight ride, as it is "laskiainen"
- that is, the Sunday before "Shrove Tuesday", as my dictionary tells
me. The Finnish word "laskea" means "let down" or "toboggan" (does such
a word really exist in English??) - it used to mean, that it was time to
prepare for fastening, but since the reformation, it has been understood
as simply letting down hills with sleights and eating special kind of
creamy buns. In Switzerland, this is carnival time, Fasnacht. In Glarus,
I think, they lit fires on the mountains and make a lot of noice called
musik. Not as much as in Basel or Luzern, though. Perhaps someone could
tell us more about the local habits in Glarus?! Or of Rio de Janeiro, if
this mailing reaches our Brazilian relatives?

We returned safely from Norway, and have experienced an odd winter - two
record cold waves reaching down to minus 51 Celsius in Lapland, and for
several days below minus 20 in Helsinki, but sudden warming ups between
them, like today (zero degrees). At the same time, Central Europe has
got a good share of snowfall, including avalanches in the Alps. It must
be ideal for winter sports in Glarus right now.

My sister Liisa is probably still enjoying the tropical heat of Bali
with her husband and two sons. The latest news from her was that it had
been raining, and that the kids were fighting with apes! Jorma, Malla
and Jenni have returned safely from America, I heard - yuhuu, if you
read this, please give us a call some evening! We are all anxiously
waiting to hear from your holidays and waiting for the chance to load
Jorma up with a lot of up-dating of our family home page.

Ed has been sending family reunion announcement letters all over America
- and I promised to do the same here in Europe any day now. There have
been many registrations to the reunion, and I urge you all to contact Ed
(dv153@cleveland.freenet.edu) by the end of this month in order to
secure your accommodation, if you need it, or at least your attendance.
This is essential, so that Ed can make all the prepayments and that we
get the idea about how many people about will show up.

There has been a new inquiry:

Does anyone recognize Louise M. Leitzinger, born at mid-19th century,
whose brothers and sisters were Rose, Lillian, Laura, Will, Fred, and
John? Some of the names ring a bell in my head, but I could not find the
correct L-zinger line in my records.

I will save some more news for the next mailing, but meanwhile, please
check if you and all you know are included properly in the following

According to latest counting, we have crossed the 100 line - that is,
there are about that many people on our e-mailing list. Some of you,
however, appear twice under different e-mail addresses. So please let me
know, which address you prefer, and if there are errors. Also, if you do
not yet have an asterix (*) after your address, please let me know, how
we are related! Unless, of course, it is still an open question and
should examined. That way we can concentrate on solving the remaining
mysteries first. Please forgive me, if I have overlooked something I
should have known by now already - my files are a complete mess, and I
am quite unsure about what has been taken into account and what not.
There is nothing wrong in repeating information, so please, if I am
mixing you with someone else the 27th time, please just straighten me up
once more! It will be a lot easier to remember everything after we have
all met in real life next July, I hope!

iota@bluewin.ch               Roland Leuzinger, Riedern GL, Switzerland* 
100630.2773@compuserve.com    Theo Leuzinger, Zürich, Switzerland
mati@arch.ethz.ch             Mathias Leuzinger, Zürich, Switzerland
Leuz@eeh.ee.ethz.ch           Markus Leuzinger, Esslingen ZH,
DiegoLeuzinger@compuserve.com   Fridolin Leuzinger, Basel, Switzerland
Leuzinger@spectraweb.ch       Erich Leuzinger, Münsingen BE, Switzerland
vpleuzinger@compuserve.com      Veronika & Pierre Leuzinger
Greub-J-D@bal.ge-dip.etat-ge.ch Jean-Daniel Greub. Carouge GE,
PVollenweider@zol.ch    Peter Vollenweider, Herschmettlen, Switzerland
FSutter@t-online.de     Anna, Franz & Joachim Leuzinger-Sutter, Germany*
TaOdi@t-online.de       Michael Leuzinger, Hamburg, Germany*
canvas@t-online.de      Mirjam Rohde, Germany*          
Kris.Leuzinger@nike.com Kris & Mascha Leuzinger, Hilversum, Netherlands*
David.Leuzinger@bigfoot.com     David Leuzinger, Heverlee, Belgium*
Jason.aaa@taide.lt      Liisa Leitzinger Jakulis & Arturas & Algimantas,
Vilnius, Lithuania*
jr2@clinet.fi           Jorma Leitzinger & Marja-Liisa & Jenni, Klaukkala,
zinger@clinet.fi        Antero & Nergis Leitzinger, Helsinki, Finland*
sini.leitzinger@pp.inet.fi      Sini Leitzinger, Saarijärvi, Finland*
Anders.E.Leitzinger@svkyrkan.se Anders Leitzinger, Gothenburg,Sweden*
abeh@sympatico.ca       Brian & Anita Rautiainen, Sudbury ON, Canada
rleuzing@attcanada.net  Robert M. Leuzinger, Kitchener ON, Canada
pswiss@globalaction.com         Peter Leuzinger, Ottawa ON, Canada*     
Leitzi1@uwindsor.ca     Rudolf & Marisa Leitzinger, Windsor ON, Canada
DeanL@theboss.net       Dean Leuzinger, Lethbridge AL, Canada*
Kabeary@acs.ucalgary.ca Jo-Anne P. Leuzinger Kabeary, Calgary AL,  
towns@uniserve.com      Felix Leuzinger, Mission BC, Canada
sao50@aol.com           Shirley Litzinger Osewalt, Lockport NY
Megan_M_Leitzinger@fleet.com            Megan Leitzinger, Wynantskill NY, USA*
wleitzj@dmv.com         William A. E. Leitzinger Jr., Dover, USA
KSeeney@eaglegrp.com    Karen Leitzinger Seeney, Dover, USA
delva@erols.com         Deborah Leitzinger Nissley, Fredericksburg PA,
AHLeitz0@wcc.com        Andrew H. Leitzinger, Glenmoore PA, USA*
Rlutzinger@msn.com      Randy L. Lutzinger, York PA, USA
JohnShinp@aol.com       John Shinpaugh, Norristown PA, USA
Leitz3220@aol.com       John E. Leitzinger, Furnace PA, USA*
Leitzinger@aol.com      Paul Leitzinger, Cincinnati OH, USA*
John.Leitzinger@lexis-nexis.com Jack Leitzinger, Cincinnati OH, USA*
MariaL@isoc.net         Maria E. Leitzinger, Cincinnati OH, USA*
Leuzinjt@email.uc.edu   John Leuzinger, Cincinnati OH, USA      
dv153@cleveland.freenet.edu     Ed Leutzinger, Cleveland OH, USA*
JFalk@cscc.edu          Joyce Ann Leuzinger Falk, Columbus, OH, USA
Maldemere@aol.com       Mike Cox, Okemos MI
shamlet@michweb.net     Sarah Hamlet, Lake City Michigan, USA
pastorBLeuzinger@juno.com               Bill Leuzinger, Abingdon VA, USA
Carol_Cothern/Guilford@guilford.edu     Fred & Carol Anne Cothern, Greenboro
Thornton@ctrends.net    Thornton Leutzinger, Woodruff SC, USA*
meason@infoave.net      Michelle Eason, Columbia SC, USA*               
DASBURY@aol.com         E. J. Leutzinger, Jonesboro GA, USA
LeuzMary@aol.com        Mary Leuzinger, Athens GA, USA*
Leuz80@aol.com          Marilouise Leuzinger, Jupiter FL, USA*
Jomalei@aol.com         Jocelyn Leitzinger, Palm Harbor FL, USA*
gruntz@bellsouth.net    Louis G. Gruntz Jr., Jefferson LA, USA
BlueZinger@aol.com      Chris Leuzinger, Nashville TN, USA*
lamlou@esper.com        John R. Lusinger, Maryville TN, USA*
PVLeuzinger@chicago.avenew.com  DeeAnnLeuzinger, St. Charles IL, USA*
vpg21@calcon.net        Peter Van Leuzinger, St. Charles IL, USA*
JLeuz@aol.com           Jeff Leuzinger, Glenview IL, USA*
corny19676@aol.com      Scott Leutzinger, Glenwood Iowa, USA
RLeutzin@aol.com        Richard Leutzinger, Urbandale IA, USA
sleitzin@mhtc.net       Steven D. Leitzinger, Shullsburg WI, USA
CTschudi@wcta.net       Carolyn Tschudi, Ponsford MN, USA
SMH@merit.edu           Susan Horvarth, Ann Arbor MI, USA
Kleut@pcis.net          Kurt Andrew Leutzinger, Springfield Missouri, USA
AHanson@mcn.net         Greg Hanson, Great Falls, Montana, USA
LeutzingerW@umkc.edu    William P. Leutzinger, Independence MO, USA*
drugfreemt@aol.com      Edith J. McLaren, Pacific, MO, USA
LeutzDave@aol.com       David B. Leutzinger, Festus MO, USA*
Rleutzinger@sprynet.com Robin Leutzinger, Silver Lake KS, USA
Joe_A._Leutzinger@notes.up.com          Joe Leutzinger, Omaha NE, USA
ARLeutzinger@worldnet.att.net   Richard Leutzinger, Omaha NE, USA
mtngrns@aol.com         Roy & Linda Greene, Golden CO, USA*             
SKSeale@tenet.edu       Sherron Seale, Rockdale TX, USA*
PBarrow@swbell.net      Pat Barrow, Rockdale TX, USA
walla_m@unr.edu                         Alex Leutzinger, Reno NV, USA
leutzingerdesignhaus@earthlink.net      Alex Leutzinger, Las Vegas NV, USA
DawsonM2@scottsdaleins.com              Mike Dawson, Phoenix AZ, USA*
mrobin@ix.netcom.com    Lance & Michelle Leutzinger, Fresno CA
Lzinger@worldnet.att.net        Jeffrey Leitzinger, Covina CA, USA*
ALeuzinger@aol.com              Andrew Leuzinger, Mountain View CA, USA*
LeutzSr@sprynet.com             Tom Leutzinger Sr, Burlingame CA, USA*
Leutzing@haas.berkeley.edu      Tom Leutzinger Jr, San Mateo CA, USA*
Leuzinger@clubnet.net           Mark Leuzinger, San Dimas CA, USA
army@globalpac.com              Bruce Leutzinger, Riverside CA, USA
GlenWest@pressenter.com         Glenn West, River Falls WI, USA
puna@msn.com                    Pete Walters, WA, USA
JWLeut@aol.com          June Leutzinger Winstanley, USA*
JDBeukema@juno.com              J. Douglas Beukema, Seattle WA, USA*
Jleitzinger@compuserve.com      Joseph L. Leitzinger, Tacoma WA, USA*
RJGrass@aol.com         James Blumer Grassinger, Duluth Minnesota, USA
CothernF@bellsouth.net          Fred Cothern, USA*
BLeitzinger@kgh.bayhealth.org   Bill Leitzinger, Middletown, USA
Leutz@ksu.edu                   Rebecca M. Leutzinger, USA*
Urton@dam.net           Susan T. Leuzinger Urton, Tuscumbia, USA*
GBabler@aol.com         Gary M. Babler, Monmouth, USA
pappy@olypen.com                David A. Leitzinger, USA
YoungsDL@juno.com               David L. Youngs, USA*
SMFreers@ix.netcom.com  S. M. Freers, USA*
DRUGFREEMT@aol.com      Edith Howe McLaren
100760.3265@compuserve.com              Martin Leuzinger
MartinLeuzinger@compuserve.com  Martin Leuzinger
WLeuz@aol.com                           Walter Y. Leuzinger
Leuzinge@uninet.com.br         Roberto Leuzinger, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
markdw@iname.com        Maria (Leitzinger) Weatherby*
LizardsOne@cs.com       Shannon Dillhyon Tollick

With best regards,