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Updated - Sat Mar 1 01:57:39 EST 1997

New in Version 3.0 3/1/97

So, after the smoke has settled from Zonk! Bowl I, the page hits the internet with SLAM BANG IN YOUR FACE FULLY RENDERED ANIMATION and some extra tweaking hither and thither. ENOUGH TALK... MORE SLAM BANG IN YOUR FACE FULLY RENDERED ANIMATION Thank you.

Previous Versions:

12 August 96: After only 6 days the The Official Zonk! Home Page has reached a cooling down point. With the additi$ > for the Games Page. The summary of the First One Million Points was added in table format, and a page tha$ go from here? Chicago Zonk! More games! Animations of Dice! Who knows!

10 August 96: More experimentation in Version 1.6 A license plate was scanned, and the image altered to make ready for the ZONK License Plate....ooohh I can't wait! Also this page received a badly needed face lift. Sooooo long to those boring old HTML bars, we have Colored Bars. Joy!

9 August 96: Version 1.5 brought us the fabulously understated index page: Soon to be a golden gateway to the mysteries and love surronding the game, you will be welcomed here from the cold, dark hinterlands of the internet, and your soul will be warmed while twisted ever so slightly, by the collective, creative input of those who understand. And it is in Version 1.5 that you witness the birth of the very text you're reading: The History of The Official Zonk! H ome Page.

8 August 96: In Version 1.01 we saw the finalized colors and patterns, soon grace your retinas, added to each lovingly hand-coded page, including the newly arrived Cap'n Jack's Guide to Zonk!. Note the b one colored text that dances upon the background of Cap'n Jack's page. A background that eeirily echos the textures of the carpet that over 1 MILLION points were scored upon.

8 August 96: Version 1.0. Victory! The evil Dr. Links-a-Lot was finally thwarted, and order came to the page. The Ring of Games was enclosed, and the crowning jewel the Gateway to Hell was set upon its band . By striking the Go Home link on any score sheet, something Mysterious happens, and you arrive at Hell's door.

7 August 96: Version 0.9. Frames meet Zonk and the laughs never stop!! A very ugly, very bulky system of Calender Dates linked to each game in the chain is setup. This arrangement of data became affectionat ely nicknamed "Migrain Headache."

6 August 96: Version 0.1. After hours of screwing around with spreadsheets we finally have HTMLified Games. "So what's HTML without Links?" you say. Links? We got 'em baby! We got yo' links rite hea! Try ONE-HU NDRED AND ELEVEN INTERNAL LINKS as of this version.

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