Cong Shi

Cong Shi 

Cong Shi
Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial & Operations Engineering
University of Michigan
E-mail: shicong-at-umich-dot-edu


Regular Courses

  • IOE541 Optimization Methods in Supply Chain

  • IOE591 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

  • IOE516 Stochastic Processes II

  • IOE265/STAT265 Probability and Statistics for Engineers

PhD Students

  • Huanan Zhang (co-advised with Prof. Xiuli Chao), 2012–2017
    Dissertation: Data-Driven Algorithms for Stochastic Supply Chain Systems: Approximation and Online Learning
    First Position: Assistant Professor, Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State University

  • Yuchen Jiang (co-advised with Prof. Siqian Shen), 2013–2018
    Dissertation: Supply Chain and Revenue Management for Online Retailing
    First Position: Data Scientist, Uber, San Francisco

  • Weidong Chen (co-advised with Prof. Izak Duenyas), 2014–

  • Hao Yuan, 2015–

  • Armando Bernal, 2016–

Selected Awards

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