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Welcome! The Steel Mags are a Local Woman's Ice Hockey team from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We belong to the Metro Skaters Hockey League.

We currently don't know what the 95-96 season looks like yet but we are having open practices for women who are interested in playing with us. There is a possibility that we are going to split into two teams. If you are intersted in playing with us you can just sent e-mail to me at

Past Seasons

94-95 Season

Top Row from Left to Right:

Dawn Mullen C #12, Kate Winder #32, Camille Hutchinson #17, Denise Daniel #6, Don Bartolacci Coach, Carol Lentz#10, Julie Ask #11, Cindy Bleyle #8

Bottom Row from Left to Right:

Susan McCabe #7, Theresa Juetten A #45, Sheri Bacon #33, Tanya Salamin #31, Anahid Ausharian #5, Kathy England #9


Susan Edwards #1 Asst. Coach, Charlotte Mudar #2, Marian Henry #15, Kate Pinhey #16, Mary Meyer #26

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