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Singer Sewing Company Information I've Gathered

Phone number to find model and birthdate of your Singer!
(800) 4-SINGER (800-474-6437)

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Get a photocopy of a manual

A photocopy of the original instruction manual can be obtained by sending a check or money order for $15.00 and model Number to:

Singer Sewing Company
Attn: Consumer Affairs
4500 Singer Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

My Singers:

All were made in the US.
Serial # ModelBirthdate Made inCurrent Location
L1144958 Model 27 11/18/01USA Treadle dissasembled in my Garage awaiting a total overhaul, my new lifelong project!!
D551296 Model 27 10/07/08Elizabeth, NJ Treadle Head in MA
G0523957 Model 128 12/24/23Elizabeth, NJ In MI and in the process of being cleaned up!
AC515195 Model 99 2/27/29Elizabeth, NJIn MI without a knee bar
AF473498 Model 128 4/2/40Elizabeth, NJ In use in MI
AF694338 Model 201 12/5/40 Elizabeth, NJIn NJ in Cabinet
AH645639 Model 221-1 6/18/48 Elizabeth, NJ In MI, My first FW!
AL568940 Model 221-1 10/14/53 Elizabeth, NJ In MI, My second FW!
AM343216 Model 201 2/13/56USA In NJ and awaiting some TLC
Model 201 In NJ with a cracked head where the machine attaches to the cabinet, Parts machine
Model 500a In MI being used as my main machine!
Model 301a In MI awaiting some TLC

Other Machines
Serial # ModelBirthdate Made inCurrent Location
C949A75 (on Motor)Domestic (9200?)??????In MA
If anyone has any info on this please
e-mail me!!

My Grandmother's Machine
Serial # ModelBirthdate Made inCurrent Location
G9942645 Model 66 4/13/23 Elizabeth, NJIn MA in a sewing table

I asked the woman at Singer when I called and she thought that there was only one Singer plant in the US, the one in Elizabeth, NJ. She told me the G, AH, AF and AC series all came from there. If anyone has any information to refute or add to that, I'd love to know!!

Model 201
My father surprised me today by sending me the first two pages of the manual of my 201 that is sitting in NJ along with this great picture from the manual!
Thanks Dad!!

Antique and Auction Links (and some others!)

Other Links of Interest

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We recently bought a house and I have some land to play with and I've found this to be a wonderful garden supply site:
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Links to other Sewing Machine Sites of Interest

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Authorized Service Center in MI

Ann Arbor, MI

Singer Sewing Shoppe L.L.C.

3937 Jackson Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Troy, MI
(800) 989-6772
Hours: M-F 8-4

696 E to 75 N
Rochester Rd Exit (exit right after oakland mall exit)
One Block down on NW corner of Big Beaver and Rochester Rd
(Stay in R lane to preform a Michigan Left)

Authorized Service Center in MA

Closest in Pawtucket, RI
(401) 724-5347

My Wish List

For the 99
  • Kneebar (round/circular end)
  • A Manual in better condition
  • An oil can
For the 128 (1923)
  • An Accessories Box
  • A Manual
  • An oil can
For the 66
  • An oil can
For the 27
  • A Manual
  • An oil can
  • Feet/Accessories
For the 500a
  • A Manual
  • Any and all Cams!! I have a bunch but am always looking for more!!
  • a new door with the threading instructions on it
  • a new plastic plug thing that you plug the cord into on the machine
  • more flip lids with different instructions on them
  • Manuals, any and all
  • Oil cans
  • Any fun attachments
  • Hardware for Bentwood cases (latchs, etc)

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