Ph.D. Students:

University of Michigan

2008 Gerardo Fernandez-Salgueiro: Aspects of the Syntax of TP-Coordination, ATB Extraction and Parasitic Gaps
2007 Christopher Becker: Clausal and Nominal Agreement in Russian; A Unified Approach.
2007 Catherine Fortin: Indonesian Sluicing and Verb-Phrase Ellipsis: Description and Explanation in a Minimalist Framework . Recipient of a Rackham graduate school Distinguished Dissertation Award
2006 Hamid Ouali: Unifying Agreement Relations: A Minimalist Analysis of Berber -- Samuel Epstein and Acrisio Pires, co-chairs
2003 Annemarie Toebosch: Gender-animacy and the morpho-syntax of object clitics in Dutch -- Samuel Epstein and Christina Tortora, co-chairs
2002 Rose Letsholo: Syntactic Domains in Ikalanga (co-supervised with Prof. Mark Hale).

Harvard University (Thesis Supervision/Committee Membership)

1997 Marlyse Baptista: The Morphosyntax of Verbs in Capeverdean Creole.
1997 John O'Neil: Means of Control: Deriving the Properties of Control Theory in the Minimalist Program.
1997 Erich Groat: A Derivational Program for Syntactic Theory. (co-supervised with Prof. Noam Chomsky, M.I.T.).
1997 Youngjun Jang: A Minimalist Analysis of Expletives.
1996 Dianne Jonas: Clause Structure and Verb Syntax in Scandinavian and English.
1996 Soo-Yeon Kim: Optionality: The Interaction of Structural and Non-Structural Constraints on Scrambling and Binding.
1996 K. Scott Ferguson: A Feature-Relativized Shortest Move Requirement.
1996 Geoffrey Poole: Transformations Across Components. (co-supervised with Prof. Noam Chomsky, M.I.T.).
1994 Hisatsugu Kitahara: Target-a: A Unified Theory of Movement and Structure Building (co-supervised with Prof. Noam Chomsky, M.I.T.).
1993 Rebecca Klein Kennedy: Reference and Focus in English.
1991 Tomiko Narahara: Nominal Categories and Binding Theory.
1990 Young-joo Kim: The Syntax and Semantics of Korean Case: The Interaction Between Lexical and Syntactic Levels of Representation.

Undergraduate Honors Theses Supervised:

University of Michigan

2004 Keli Rulf, The Syntax, Semantics and early Acquisition of “One” (Winner of Department Outstanding dissertation Award)
2007 Dave Kush, Compound Interest: Applying a Serialization Phrase Structure to Hindi Verbal Compounds (Winner of a one-year Baguette Post-Baccalaureate paid Fellowship, University of Maryland Department of Linguistics)
2005 Nayana Dhavan, A Non-Absolutive and Unified Movement Analysis of Hindi Passives and Ergatives (Winner of the University’s Virginia Voss Award)
2005 Natasha Abner, Resultatives Gone Minimal (winner of the University’s Virginia Voss Award)
2002 Kate Golski, The Phono-Syntactic Interfaces. Winner of the Matthew Alexander Award.
2001 Jessica Rett, Japanese Numeral Classifiers: The Effect of Linguistic Configurations on Category Membership. (Second Reader).
2001 Gabriel Williams, Verb Movement in French and English. Graduated with Highest Honors in Linguistics.
2001 Avram Derrow, The Empirical Content of Differentiating Redundancy.
Presented at the Michigan Linguistics Society's 2000 Annual (refereed) Meeting.
Graduated with Highest Honors in Linguistics.
Winner of The University of Maryland's national annual competition for Best Undergraduate Linguistics essay. Paper published in The University of Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics, 2001.
2001 Justin Fitzpatrick, Movement Locality in a Derivational Theory.
Winner of the Matthew Alexander award (2001) for outstanding honors thesis in Linguistics.
Recipient of NSF pre-doctoral fellowship grant, 2001.
Graduated with Highest Honors in Linguistics.
2000 Jon Gajewski, The Syntax and Semantics of Complete-list Questions In a Non-Standard Variety of English and Non-Cyclic Adjunction (Co-supervised with Prof. Christina Tortora).
Winner of the Linguistics Program award for outstanding research achievement for an undergraduate (since part of this thesis was published in Linguistic Inquiry 30, 2001.)
Received NSF pre-doctoral fellowship grant, 2000.
2000 Aaron Stark, The Syntax of Vietnamese "Submissive" Passives.
Winner of the Matthew Alexander award (2000) for outstanding honors thesis in Linguistics.
Graduated with Highest Honors in Linguistics.
2000 Monica Takagi, Controlled and Arbitrarily Intrepreted PRO.

Harvard University

1996 Joanna Veltri: Children's Acquisition of Reflexive Verbal Morphology in the Imbabura Dialect of Quechua.
1995 Mark Kille: What Thing is Next, I Don't Quite Know: An Analysis of Variation in Word-Order and Subject-Verb Agreement in Middle Cornish.
1995 Joel Derfner: Abkhaz Wh-Movement.
1994 Ronald A. Fein: The Acquisition of the Genitive of Negation in Russian (co-supervised with Prof. Kenneth Wexler, M.I.T.).
Student Winner of Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize for "Excellence in the work of undergraduates." Thesis presented at Boston University Conference on Language Development.
1990 Orin J. Percus: Implicit Arguments in English.