last modified: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Urban Planning 539:
Methods of Economic Development Planning

College of Architecture and Urban Planning
University Of Michigan, Winter 2011
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:00 - 11:30 am
2108 Art & Architecture Building
Prof. Scott Campbell (home page)

Students are expected to complete all the required readings before the scheduled class time, actively participate in class discussions and presentations, and prepare several written assignments over the semester. Evaluation of your work will be based on substantive content, analytical rigor, and writing quality. Be sure to follow appropriate citation guidelines in all your work. Late assignments will result in point reductions.

The five assignments are interconnected, each examining a different aspect (geographic, sectoral, occupational, policy) of two local or regional economies. Use Assignment 1 to select and briefly profile two cases. Use Assignments 2-4 to build different elements of your economic profile. Finally, synthesize these various elements together in an integrated oral presentation and written report (Assignment 5).

Groups (see list below)
Please work in the same groups of two or three students throughout the semester. Working solo is also an option. (I know some students prefer this option, though my experience is that students learn a lot from discussing their case studies with other group members. On the other hand, groups of 4+ students become unwieldy.) Expectations about the amount of work for each assignment are correlated to the group size (e.g., the larger the group, the more effort expected). Use the week of Jan 11 - 13 to form groups. You may use the class listserv to post your proposed cases and solicit group members.


Assignment (+link to assignment page)

Task Concepts/techniques assignment posted (or earlier) date due (subject to change) Unit(s) of analysis suggested page length percent of grade
1. Place Analysis select 2 cases for your comparative case study initial survey of data and other documentation availability Jan 6 Jan 27 place (neighborhood, city or region) 2-4 pages including a few simple reference maps 10
2. Industry Analysis understand the structure and distribution of local economic sectors location quotients, shift-share analysis Jan 27 Feb 22 sector several data tables, sources, several paragraphs 15
3. Labor Analysis understand the local economy through its labor structure occupations, unemployment, labor force, human capital, skills Feb 17 Mar 15 occupation several data tables, sources, several paragraphs 15
4. Economic Development Policy understand the range, intent and consequences of local economic development policies classification and critique of economic development policies Mar 15 Apr 7 multiple 4 - 5 15
5. Final Project provide an integrated analysis of the two places [multiple] Jan 23 Presentation Apr 14-19; paper version Apr 26 (end of the day on Tuesday) [multiple] estimate: 12-24 pages of text plus reference and thematic maps, graphs, tables 45



Group No. students (n=24) places
1 Christopher Wells, Taylor Traub, Michael Cantor Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA
2 Julia Roberts, Talar Hovnanian, Parin Jaipanya Dallas, Los Angeles
3 Fei Da and Melinda Morang Chicago, Toronto
4 Karen Boore, Sylvia Harris, Rebecca Lopez Kriss Detroit, Philadelphia
5 Vadim Avshalumov, Sarah Carlson, Julianne Kwon Oakland, CA, Houston, TX
6 Isaac Gilman, Kate Humphrey Hudson County, NJ, Arlington County, VA
7 Jake Anderson, Mike Hanlon Traverse City MI, Newport, RI
8 Joe Jones, Eric Dennis Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY
9 Kyle O'Neill, Nicole Mangis Detroit, Baltimore
10 Ting Ma, Bing Zhao Silicon Valley, CA, Seattle, WA

Map of Cases:

View UP539 Winter 2011 Case Studies in a larger map with city labels and group member names.

IMPORTANT FINAL WORD: Use complete and correct citations. Refer to all readings used (including course readings and materials found on the Internet). Incorporate the ideas from multiple sources. You are encouraged to also incorporate ideas from the recommended readings and/or outside sources. Please familiarize yourself with standard practice of academic integrity in coursework. --> See this link for complete information.