Assignment Five: Lessons & Principles

modified: Friday, September 2, 2016

Urban Planning 539:
Methods of Economic Development Planning

College of Architecture and Urban Planning
University Of Michigan, Winter 2016
Prof. Scott Campbell (home page)

Assignment (+link to assignment page)

Task Concepts/techniques Unit(s) of analysis Group or Individual Task? assignment posted (or earlier) date due (subject to change) file name for submission Written Format (and suggested page length) Presentation Format (I will provide a link to upload presentation slides) percent of grade
5. Final class, one-pager distill several key lessons and strategies from the course     individual Nov 10 Dec 13 [lastname1],up539assign5.pdf 1 page brief presentations (2-4 minutes) 10



Each student is to come to class with a one-page sheet (with enough copies for the class) of 5-7 lessons / principles from the course.

Format: a numbered list; each lesson / principle should be one or several sentences long. If useful, you might also include a diagram, chart or illustration.

Be sure to both PRINT copies to bring to class and also UPLOAD your file to Canvas.