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(last updated November 30, 1999)

Urban Planning 532:  Sustainable Development:  Resolving Economic and Environmental Conflicts
(Fall Semester 1999)

Prof. Scott Campbell
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
University Of Michigan
office:  3136 A&AB
(734) 763-2077
Links Organized by Class Themes
Environmental Taxes
Pollution Credit Trading
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Water Resources, Policy, Politics
Sprawl, Urban Density and New Urbanism
Links Organized by Source
State Government
US Government
Non-Governmental Organizations
International Organizations

Links Organized by Class Themes

Environmental Taxes
Yahoo:  Environmental Tax Reform Sites
"Citizens' Guide to Environmental Tax Shifting:  For a Cleaner Environment, Stronger Economy, Fairer Tax Code" (Friends of the Earth)
June 1998

Pollution Credit Trading
South Coast Air Quality Management District (includes Los Angeles) and its RECLAIM credit trading program
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Open Markets Emissions Trading
Emissions Marketing Association (promotes market-based trading solutions for environmental control)
US EPA Acid Rain Program
"Effects of emission credit trading programs" (Iron and Steel Engineer Magazine)
"Trading Emissions to Clean the Air:  Exchanges Few but Savings Many"  (Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future)

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Resources for the Future:  Cost-Benefit Analysis

Water Resources, Policy, Politics
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Hoover Dam (USBR)
PBS Documentary:  "Hoover Dam"
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
California Department of Water Resources
CALFED Bay-Delta Program (state-federal cooperative program) and its Revised Draft EIR/EIS
PBS Series:  "Cadillac Desert"
American Rivers (a non-profit organization)
Columbia River Alliance (non-profit organization)
Mono Lake Committee (non-profit organization)
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and its Integrated Water Resources Plan
Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD)
Arizona Department of Water Resources
US EPA:  Locate Your Watershed
US Geological Survey:  Water Resources of the United States
US Congress:  House Subcommittee on Water and Power

Sprawl, Urban Density, and New Urbanism
"Sierra Club:  Sierra Club Stop Sprawl Campaign,     state rankings     and a sprawl map
an interview with Michael Pyatok, a leading architect of affordable new urban housing
Robert Geddes, "METROPOLIS UNBOUND:  The Sprawling American City and the Search for Alternatives" (The American Prospect, 1997)
Congress for the New Urbanism
Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co:  Architects and Town Planners
PlannersWeb Sprawl Resource Guide
Smart Growth Network
Orton Family Foundation and writings on rural sprawl

Links Organized by Source

State Government
State of Michigan, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
State of Michigan, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)  -> Outside Links
State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources

US Government
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
US Department of Energy, Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development
US Census Bureau

Non-Governmental Organizations
Cyburbia - Planning Resource Directory
Cyburbia - Planning Resource Directory (on sustainable development)
Sustainable America
Resources for the Future
Friends of the Earth

International Organizations
Sustainable Cities Programme (United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS-Habitat) / United Nations Environment Programmme (UNEP))
The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
European Academy of the Urban Environment