Philosophy 366 Political Philosophy                   Darwall                        Winter 2002





I  Political Liberalism: Justice as Fairness


            6 Fundamental Interdependent Rawlsian concepts


            1.  Society as a fair system of social cooperation

            2.  Well-ordered society

            3.  Basic structure of society

            4.  Original position

            5.  Citizens as free and equal

            6.  Public justification


            a 7th “the fact of reasonable pluralism”


II  Principles of Justice: Their Role


III The Two Principles of Justice as Fairness


            Stress:  Equal Basic Liberties

                        Lexical Priority of Liberty

                        Primary Goods (what free and equal persons need as citizens 60) list on 58

                        Difference Principle

                        Fair Equality of Opportunity

                        Justifying Inequalities