Philosophy 366 Political Philosophy                   Darwall                        Winter 2002




I.  Mill Redux: Two Restrictions on the Harm Principle:


II.  Marx: Historical Context


III.  Capitalism: Capital, Labor, and Capitalists


IV.  Marx on Alienation

            A.  Work as creation of something “hostile and alienation.” 

            B.  Work as self-denying. 

            C.  Work as unhappy.   

            D.  Work as de-humanizing the world, empowering the “world of things”. 

            E.  Work as degrading the worth or dignity of workers.            

            F.  Work as removing workers from the distinctively human exercise of creative evaluation (“species being”).

            G.  Work as depriving workers of community. 


V.  Question to Contemplate:  Exactly What Assumptions Do These Analyses Depend On?