Philosophy 366                                     Political Philosophy                      Darwall                                       Winter 2002


Required Texts [available through Shaman Drum Bookshop, 313 S. State Street]

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, Hackett Publishing Co. (L)
John Locke, Two Treatises of Government, Cambridge University Press (T)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, Cambridge University Press  (SC)
John Stuart Mill, On Liberty and Other Essays, Oxford World's Classics  (OL)
Karl Marx, The Marx-Engels Reader, W.W. Norton & Co. (M)
John Rawls, Justice as Fairness: A Restatement, Harvard University Press (JF)
Robert Nozick, Anarchy, State, and Utopia, Basic Books (ASU)

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Tentative Schedule of Lectures and Readings

January       7         Fundamental issues in political philosophy

                  9         Hobbes I  (L: 3-35,57-63[int., ch. i-vi,xi])

                14         Hobbes II (L: 74-100[ch. xiii-xv])

                16         Hobbes III (L: 101-118[ch. xvi,xvii])

                21         Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

                23         Hobbes IV (L: 118-145[ch. xix-xxi])

                28         Locke I (T: 267-278,283-318[Bk. II, ch. i,ii,iv-vi])

                30         Locke II (T: 278-282,303-350[ch. iii,vi-viii])

February    4         Locke III (T: 330-363[ch. viii-xi])

                  6         Locke IV (T: 406-428[ch. xix])

                11         Rousseau I (SC: 41-56[Bk. I])
                            FIRST PAPERS DUE

                13         Rousseau II  (SC: 57-81[Bk. II])

                18         Rousseau III (SC: 121-127[Bk. IV])

                20         Mill I (OL: Chs. 1,2)

March       4          Mill II (OL: Chs. 3,4)

                 6          Mill III (OL: Ch. 5)

               11         Marx I (M: 66-106)

               13         Marx II (M: 473-491)

               18         Marx III (M: 203-217,302-361)

               20         Marx IV (M: 40-46)

               25         Rawls I (JF: 5-38)

               27         Rawls II (JF: 39-79)

April         1         Rawls III (JF: 80-134)

                3         Rawls IV (JF: 135-179))

                8         Nozick I (ASU: 149-164)
                          SECOND PAPERS DUE

              10         Nozick II (ASU: 3-25)

              15         Nozick III (ASU: 26-87)

              17         Nozick IV (ASU: 88-119)

Course Requirements:  two essays (one, 4-6 pages, and the other, 6-8 pages), a final exam, and attendance and active participation in lectures and discussion section (including the Critical Reading Project), weighted in the following percentages:  1st paper, 20%; 2nd paper, 30%; final exam, 35%; attendance at and participation in lecture and discussion section, 15%.  The final exam will be given April 25, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm in the lecture hall.  AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE WHAT THIS SAYS.  REGULAR ATTENDANCE AND ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN BOTH LECTURES AND DISCUSSION SECTIONS IS BOTH A REQUIREMENT OF THE COURSE AND WEIGHTED IN GRADING.  YOU CANNOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE COURSE WITHOUT FULFILLING ALL COURSE REQUIREMENTS.

My office hours will be Friday, 10-12 a.m., at 2227 Angell Hall, and also by appointment.  Steve Daskal, who will also lead sections, will hold office hours as well, which he will announce.  We encourage you to come in to talk to us about the course.   I can also be reached by email ( or phone (763-3493 (office), 996-3964 (home)).  E-mail is an especially good way to communicate, as I check my messages regularly.