welcome to yago's workshop

**I hope you'll enjoy yourself, stay and poke around for a little while, let me know what you think, and then go off and tell your friends.
**And please, if you like a painting and think you might want to have it, just e-mail me using the "e-mail yago" link that you'll find on in the navigation bar of each of the pages in the "pictures" section of the website.  I'm always happy to work something out so that people who want to enjoy my pictures in person can do that.  Sharing that enjoyment is the whole point of it.


*1.10.08: I'm in the process of updating and cleaning up the site.


"And yet...and yet...How far, in the end, does this take us?  It tells us what Blake was against, something of his stance, something of the quality of his feeling.  But does it disclose certain affirmatives, certain essential and uniting ideas, recurrent images which belong to the structure rather than the ambience of his thought?
E.P. Thompson from Witness Against the Beast:  William Blake and the Moral Law