Morning sun blows through open window, silhouettes

a still cat, watching sparrows and woodpeckers and sun sparks

that squarely splash my sleepy green eyes, the steam

Rising stretching full of grace slow unfolding from the coffee

    (con leche)

The mind talks, but the body knows

Butterflies fluttering sparkling

in my body as I sit on this black cushion

and playful float up to mind

Making thoughts of themselves.  Watch them.  Just watch. 

Watch breath.

    {I wish I were breathing with you)

Watch breath.

    (this morning sunlight in your hair, which I wish

I were stroking)

Watch breath

(I set the steaming coffee cup next to your sleepy golden hair on the bed)

Watch breath

    (I guide your hand gently to the handle)

Watch breath. (that is good enough) the butterlies float feathers of sunlight now slowly.  Watch them.  Watch. 

Like an angel just watch.


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