so for my real job, the paying one, i am an associate professor of latin american and comparative literature at the university of michigan in ann arbor.  i teach two courses per semester there, a mix of courses that range from large lecture classes, to small seminars for freshman or for more advanced undergraduates, to seminars for graduate students working on their doctoral degrees.  the topics of these courses vary widely, mainly depending on a combination of what my deparment needs me to teach and what i'm interested in at the moment.  courses often help me to think through books and ideas i'm trying to get a hold of.
overall, though, i think of what i do as drawing my students' attention to the fact of stories and of the power of stories.  i develop this idea in a short essay called "teaching stories."
each of the buttons will take you to the main page for a different course i teach.  once you are on the course main page, you'll find a description of the course, the syllabus, and then links that will take you to other pages and sites related to that course. 
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