William W. Schultz

 The University of Michigan
 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering   (directions) 

      also Naval Arch.& Marine Engineering
 2027 Auto Lab
 Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2133 USA
 Phone (734) 936-0351


Fall 13,W15:    ME400 Mechanical Engineering Analysis 
W 11-15     :     ME495 Senior Laboratory
Fall 14:             ME395 Junior Laboratory
Winter 13:        ME623 Hydrodynamic Stability
Fall 11,14,15:   ME520 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Fall 11:             ME 235 Thermo
Winter 10:        ME495 Senior Laboratory
Fall 09:            ME320 Fluid Mechanics
Fall 09:            ME520 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Winter 06:        ENG490-082 Engineering for Community
Fall 02,04,05:   ME495 Senior Laboratory
Winter 04,05:   ENG490-082 Engineering for Community
Fall 03:             ME520 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Winter 03:        ME521 Advanced Fluid Mechanics II
Winter 02:        ME626 Singular Perturbations in Fluid Mechanics


UM Program in the Environment Advisory Committee

UM Program in the Environment Scholarship Committee

Media & Science Relations Committee, APS/DFD Chair

North Campus MLK Spirit Award Committee

Understanding Race Theme Semester Committee

UM SACUA Provosts Budgetary Committee

UM SACUA University Values Committee

Sa Nimá Collaborative Advisory Board



Contact Lines; Flows in Material Processing (glass, paper and metals); Swimming; Desalination; Biofluids; Dysphagia; Hydrodynamics Stability; Lubrication; Arc Welding; Laundry Process; Fluid Mechanics Education

Brief Bio:

Bill Schultz received his BSME and MSME from Purdue in 1974 and 1976. He received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern in 1982 after spending three years at Owens-Corning Fiberglas. After beginning his teaching career, he has spent the last 30 years in Mechanical Engineering at University of Michigan. He finished a three-year term as the Program Director in Fluid Dynamics at the National Science Foundation, Engineering Directorate and a year as the Faculty Director of the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning. He is a fellow of ASME and APS.


Current and Recent Graduate Students:


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