Dr. Eugene P. Lautenschlager


This lecture was delivered to the University of Michigan by Dr. Eugene P. Lautenschlager in October 2007 and subsequently trascripted, recorded, and published as a FLASH presentation for public use.  Dr. Lautenschlager passed away in the Spring  of 2009.  It represents just a small part of his great life as a teacher as Northwestern University Dental School and Medical School.  Dr. Lautenschlager published more than 170 refereed articles and 12 patents.  But most of all, he will always be remembered and revered by his more than 90 graduate students who continue his tradition.   

Module Components:

After more than 35 years of teaching statistics to dental students, graduate students, and orthopedic residents, Dr. Lautenschlager captured the essence of applied statistics in the following two monographs.  The first it he principal one that should be used in support of the following FLASH modules which are listed below.

  • Handout 1 (PDF) -- "Statistics in 25 pages,"
    Lautenschlager EP, Harder V, 2003.
  • Handout 2 (PDF) -- "Sample Size and Power in 14 Pages,"
    Lautenschlager EP, Wilson NA, 2006.

4-Hour Course to Learn Applied Statistics :

The following sequence of modules (FLASH videos) covers all the core concepts and practical examples.  Turn on your speakers in preparation for the presentations.

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