We welcome all contributions of information, updates, stories, pictures, special contributions, or other memories about our "retired" (GREEN) and/or "deceased" members (BLACK).  Please send updates to Stephen C. Bayne.

Kamal ASGAR (Deceased July 8, 2012)  Retired in 1988 from University of Michigan. [Picture with Friends; Picture with Mahler; Memorial]

Ken Anusavice (Retired 2015)  Retired in 2015 from University of Florida. [Contact Ken through his wife Sandi].

  Stephen BAYNE  Retired on 1-1-2016 from University of Michigan School of Dentistry.  Currently living at 641 N. 5th Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, and 732 Poorhouse Lane, Key West, FL, 3040, and can be contacted at 734-649-8595 and email.

  Martin BRANNESTROM (Deceased in 2001) Retired in 19XX from University of ?????.  

  Gerry BRAUER (Deceased 1999?) Retired in 1993 from NIST. Known for a lifetime of innovative work in polymers and dental cements at the NBS (later NIST) and a huge list of guest workers who cycled through research at the facility over the years.

  Peter BROCKHURST (Deceased 2016) Retired dental materials researcher in Australia.

  Gerry CHARBENEAU (Deceased 2012) Retired in 1988 from University of Michigan. [Memorial]

  George COWPERTHWAITE  Retired in 20xx as President of Esschem Chemical Company in Philadelphia, PA. His contact information is 816 W 1st Ave, Parkesburg, PA 19365-1212 (Phone = 484-883-0074; EMail). 

  Robert G. CRAIG (Deceased 2002) Retired in 1993 from University of Michigan.

  James DRUMMOND Retired in 2-1/2016 from NIH. Emeritus Professor at UIC. [Contact by Email)

  Wilmer B. EAMES (Deceased 2001) Retired in 1979 from Emory University.

  Robert ERICKSON Retired in 2002 from 3M-ESPE. Living in St. Paul, MN. [Contact by Email)

  PL FAN  Retired in January 2008, American Dental Association.  Major contributor to the organization of ADA Restorative Materials programs over more than 25 years.  Contact him at home (2829 Plaza Verde, Santa Fe, NM 87507) or Email.

  Eva-Mertz FAIRHURST  (Deceased 1999) Retired in 1993, Medical College of Georgia.  Leading edge clinical research to demonstrate effectiveness of sealing in caries at margins of restorations

  Carl FAIRHURST  (Deceased 2000) Retired in 1994, Medical College of Georgia.

  Theodore FISHER (Deceased ????) Retired in 198X from University of Alabama.

  T. FUSAYAMA (Deceased 2002) Retired in 198X from Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

  G. CHARBENEAU (Deceased July 2012) Retired in 1988 from University of Michigan.

  P.O. GLANTZ  Retired in 2002, University of Malmo. First work in biofilms.  IADR President. First President University of Malmo. [Contact by Email]

  Robert GOING  (Deceased 1996) Retired in 1993 from Medical University of South Carolina.

  Evan H. GREENER Retired in 1995 from Northwestern University. Lives in Boulder, CO. Co-author of Materials Science in Dentistry. [Contact by Email]

  John GWINNETT (Deceased 1997) Faculty member originally from SUNY Stony Brook (1973-1997).

  John K. HARCOURT  Retired in 2000 in Australia.  Co-Editor of Materials Science in Dentistry.  Editor of Australian Dental Journal.  Can be contacted at home (24 Faircroft Ave, Glen Iris VIC 3146, Australia) or by Email.

  Hamdi (El Tahawi) MOHAMMED (Deceased 2015)

  Rober IBSEN  (Deceased in 2016) Founder and President of Den-Mat Corporation. 

  Clyde INGERSOLL  (Deceased in 2011) Retired  in 19?? from Williams Gold. 

  Malcolm JENDRESEN  Retired in 1993 from UCSF. [No know contact information]. 

  Sid KALACHANDRA (Deceased 2008, UNC) See Memorial.

  Robert KUSY (Deceased 2008, UNC) See Memorial.

  Eugene P. LAUTENSCHLAGER (Deceased 2009) Retired in 2001 from Northwestern University. Co-author of Materials Science in Dentistry. Retirement Party Website.  Survived by wife Patricia Lautenschlager, 5056 Morse Avenue, Skokie, IL 60077.

  Raquel P. LEGEROS (Deceased 2013) Retired from NYU College of Dentistry. Well-known for her work in the structure, composition, and  properties of enamel. (Obituary)

  Karl F. LEINFELDER  Retired in 1996 from University of Alabama.  Lives in Chapel Hill, NC.  Can be contacted at home (30078 Britt, Chapel Hill, NC 27517-8495) or by email (Email).

  Jack LEMONS.  Retired Oct 1, 2016 from University of Alabama.  Can be contacted by Email

  Armand A. Lugassy  (Deceased July 8, 2010) 40-year career as a teacher and educator in dental materials at the University of Pacitic Dugoni School of Dentistry.  He is probably best known for his creation of the M-L (Moffa-Lugassy) Scale for measuring clinical wear of posterior restorations. 

  Felix F. LUTZ (Deceased in 2002)

  David MAHLER   (Deceased August 2, 2017) Retired in 1988 from OHSU, Portland, OR. Well-known for contributions on dental amalgam research.  Obituary by Jack Ferracane.  

  Victoria A. MARKER  Retired in 2000 from Baylor University to shift career focus. Currently living in Colorado.  Second editor of Dental Materials journal. 

  Jack MITCHEM (Deceased in 2011).

  Sumita B. MITRA  Retired in May 2010 from 3M-ESPE. Can be reached at 1952 Nature View Lane, West Saint Paul, MN 55118 [Contact by email]

  Joseph P. MOFFA  Retired in 1988 from USPHS.  Currently living at 30202 Fairway Run Drive, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015-4487. Pioneered clinical research for the United States Public Health Service.  EMAIL=  jpmoffa@comcast.net TEL= 830-755-5280.

  John B. MOSER  (Deceased in 2008)  Retired in 19XX from Northwestern University. Research on color of composites.

  Graham MOUNT  (Deceased in 2016.  See Memoriam.)

  John NEILSEN  (Deceased in 1989) Retired in 19XX from Polytechnic Institute of NY.

  Robert NEIMAN (Deceased in 1999) Retired in 19XX from WhipMix Corporation (Louisville, KY). Memoriam.

  Barry NORLING (Deceased in Jan 2015).  Professor at University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.   

  Hideo OGURA (Deceased in Jan 2014).  Professor at Nippon Dental University, Niigata, JP.

  Masayoshi OHASHI (Deceased in 1992) Retired in 19XX from Nihon University.

  John OSBORNE  Retired in June 2006 from University of Colorado.  Can be reached by email at jwomerc46@hotmail.com Attached is a picture of one of his restored cars.

  Jim OVERBERGER  Retired in 199? from West Virginia University. 

  George PAFFENBARGER  (Deceased in 1985)  Retired in 1967 from National Bureau of Standards in Gaithersburg, MD.  Eminent senior research associate in dental materials research and ealry pioneer in dental materials standards development. Rear Admiral, USNR. 

  Floyd PEYTON (Deceased in 1994) Retired in 1970 from University of Michigan. First author of Restorative Dental Materials.  Biographical information online.

  Ralph W. PHILLIPS (Deceased 1991) Retired in 198X from Indiana University. First co-author of Science of Dental Materials.

  Richard W. PLYMALE (Deceased May 13, 2009). See memorium.  Was an original member of the Academy of Plastics Research in Dentistry which evolved into the Academy of Dental Materials.

  Ros RANDALL (Deceased in 2016) Clinical research coordinator for 3M ESPE.

  Nicola RICHARDS (Deceased in July 2007)  Paffenbarger Research Center at NIST.  Special tribute (PDF).

  Nelson (Woody) RUPP (Deceased in Dec 18, 2011) A memorial article is posted in the ADA News (2011-02-07) 1986 Wilmer Souder Award Winner.

  Gunnar RYGE (Deceased in 1991) Retired in 198X from University of the Pacific.  Father of U.S. Public Health Service definition of clinical research evaluation methods. [Special memorial from friends]

  Richard SCHNELL (Deceased in 2002) (Retired in 19XX and Professor Emeritus from Indiana University School of Dentistry.

  Chuck SCHOENFELD  Retired in 1991 from American Dental Association in Chicago, IL.

  Eugene SKINNER (Deceased in 1966) Retired in 1965 from Northwester University.  First co-author of Science of Dental Materials.

  Dennis SMITH  (Deceased in Feb 2014.  See Special summary by Derek Jones).  Retired in 1995 from University of Toronto.  Lived in Toronto, CANADA.  Inventor of acrylic bone cement and polycarboxylate cement.  Dennis received the highest civilian honor from the Canadian Government (Order of Canada, 2007) for lifetime achievement. IADR member for 52 years. 

  James STACKHOUSE (Deceased in 1998)  Retired in 1995 from New Jersey School of Dentistry.

  John STANFORD  (Deceased, 02-23-2011) Retired from American Dental Association. First Director of the ADA Council on Dental Materials, Instruments, and Equipment. (Memoriam)

  Harold M. STANLEY (Deceased in 2001) Retired in 19xx from University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.

  Marjorie SWARTZ  (Deceased on 9-21-2014,  See the attached Memoriam from Jeff Platt.)  Retired in 1988 from Indiana University. Living in Indianapolis, IN.    

  John TESK  Retired in 2005 from NIST. Living in Gaithersburg, MD.

  Duane F. TAYLOR  (Deceased in Apr 7, 2017)  Retired in 1996 from University of North Carolina. Inventor of spherical dental amalgam. (See attached Obituary.)

  Anthony TJAN  Retired in 1995 from Loma Linda University in CA. 

  Thomas VALEGA (Deceased in Jan 2014)  Managed the dental materials section at the National Institute of Dental Research for ~15 years and then headed the dentistscientist program, retiring in 1990. (See attached Obituary.)

  Larry WATANABE (Deceased in 2016)  Worked on ISO adhesion test committee developing new standard.

  Alan WILSON (Deceased in Dec 2011) Distinguished research scientist in the UK Laboratory of the Government Chemists, and co-inventor of glass ionomer cement.

  George WING (Retired) Distinguished research scientist in the Australia and can be contacted at 126 Eastern Road, Turramurra, NSW 2074, telephone +612 9469 3063.

  Frank YOUNG (Deceased Jan 14, 2017) Retired in 2002 from Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. First editor of Dental Materials journal. (Obituary)

  Lyle D. ZARDIACKAS  Retired in 2008 from University of Mississippi, Jackson, MS.  Living in Texas.  Contact by Email

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