Officers for IADR-DMG 2017-2018

PRESIDENT (2017-2018)
  Dr. Rick Carvalho
University of British Columbia (UBC)
Oral Biological and Medical Sciences

2199 Wesbrook Mall
JBM 368
Vancouver, BC V6T1Z3

  Dr. Yu Zhang
Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics
New York University
345 East 24th Street, Room 813C

New York, NY 10010

VICE PRESIDENT (2017-2018)
  Dr. Marco Bottino
Cariology, Restorative Sci, and Endodontics
School of Dentistry

University of Michigan
1011 North University

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


SECRETARY (2016-2019)
  Dr. Carmem Pfeifer
Department of Restorative Dentistry
Division of Biomaterials and Biomechanics
Oregon Health Sciences University

School of Dentistry
Portland, OR



TREASURER (2017-2020)
  Dr. Marci Ferrari
Prosthodontics and Dental Materials
Tuscan Schoo of Dental Medicine
Piazza Attias, 19

Livorno I-57125

COUNCILOR (2016-2021)
  Dr. Sibel Antonson
College of Dental Medicine
Department of Prosthodontics.
Nova Southeastern University
3200 South University Dr
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328



  Dr. Rade Paravina
University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston
Dept. of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics
7500 Cambridge St., Ste. 5350
Houston, TX 77054

  Dr. Lorenzo Breschi
Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences
DIBINEM University of Bologna
Alma Mater Studiorum Via San Vitale, 59

Bologna 40125, ITALY


CHAIR, NOMINATING COMMITTEE (2017-2018) -- Senior Past President
  Dr. Jeff Stansbury
University of Colorado Denver School of Dental Medicine
Craniofacial Biiology
12800 E 19th Avenue
RC1-N / MS 8310
Aurora, CO 80045-2539


The current officers serve from Mar 2017 IADR meeting until the close of the July 2018 IADR meeting.

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