Members-at-Large for IADR-DMG 2018-2019

Members-at-Large (MALs) were instituted by the DMG Executive Committee during 2017-2018 for the purpose of involving members with a strong interest in becoming eventual DMG officers.  This process provides more input to the Executive Committee (Officers and Committee Chairs), provides a mechanism for members to become more knowledgeable about the Executive Committee, and creates a potential pool of individuals for potential election as new officers. Individuals are selected to approximate the regional structure of the IADR.  Typically there will be about 5 MALs but that number may vary depending on circumstances.

2018-2019 MALs:

Name: Region" Country:
Grace de Souza North American Canada
Jirun Sun North American U.S.
Nathaniel Lawson North American U.S.
Aline de Almeida Neves Latin American Brazil
Josette Camilleri Pan European UK
Roberto Sorrentino Pan European Italy
Salvatore Sauro Pan European Spain
James Tsoi Asian Pacific China

The current MALs serve from Jul 2018 IADR meeting until the close of the July 2019 IADR meeting.  They may be re-appointed.

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Last Update on: 07/26/2018