DMG Science Awards

The RYGE/MAHLER and PEYTON/SKINNER awards are typically presented every 2 years at the time of the IADR meeting outside of the US.  The process of nominating and selecting individuals for these awards is formally described in the latest Constitution and ByLaws. 


for Clinical Research

for Innovation in Dental Materials

2018 Not Awarded Not Awarded
2017 Niek Opdam Jorge Perdigao
2016 Not Awarded Not Awarded
2015 Tom Hilton Chris Bowman
2014 Steven Jefferies Chris Angeletakis
2013 Reinhard Hickel Joe Oxman
2012 Van Thompson Sumita Mitra
2010 Stephen Bayne Kazuo Hirota
2008 Jack Mitchem Joe Tucillo
2006 Joe Dennison Byoung Suh
2003 Karl F.  Leinfelder Robert Erickson
2001 John Osborne Robert Probst
1998 Malcolm Jendressen Robert Neiman
1995 Joseph P. Moffa Clyde E. Ingersoll
1992 Gerald T. Charbeneau [None presented]

History of Awards:   

The Floyd A. Peyton Award for Clinical Research and Eugene W. Skinner Award for Innovation were originally created and named for two of the founding fathers of the DMG in 1938. The awards had been presented at the DMGC-America dinner every 2-3 years when the AADR held its meeting separately from the IADR meeting.  The two awards had been presented by the AADR DMG (DMGC-America) to honor the outstanding contributions in specific areas of the dental materials field.  After the merger of the DMGC-America into the DMG-IADR in 2006, and with the updating of the DMG CBL the awards were redefined to preserve them within the new structure.   

In 2007, these two awards were absorbed into DMG and renamed.*  The two awards now celebrate four of the outstanding DMG scientists who have made extraordinary contributions to DMG and dental materials science. 

Process of Nomination:

The Dental Materials Group (DMG) of the IADR makes two annual awards in recognition of the past contributions to Dental Materials science and research by four outstanding DMG scientists: Dr. Floyd Peyton, Dr. Eugene Skinner, Dr. Gunnar Ryge and Dr. David Mahler. The awards are made to recognize scientists who throughout their careers have made outstanding contributions to (1) innovation in dental materials (Peyton-Skinner award) and, (2) clinical research in dental materials (Ryge-Mahler award).


Nominations for the Peyton-Skinner award for innovation and Ryge-Mahler award for clinical research can be made by anyone but MUST include the following:
1. Nominee must be a current or past member of the IADR Dental Materials Group.
2. Nominations must include a Curriculum Vitae that provides supporting evidence that the nominee has made significant contributions to innovation in dental materials (Peyton-Skinner award) or clinical research in dental materials (Ryge-Mahler award).
3. A letter of nomination should highlight the major reasons and body of research/innovation for which the individual is being nominated. Work considered for this award should have resulted in publications in scientific, peer-reviewed journals and/or patents.

A plaque of recognition and cash award. The cash award is intended to provide travel and other support related to attending the IADR annual meeting and receiving the award in person at the DMG business meeting or reception.

A committee shall consists of the three standing committee senior dental materials members serving 3-5 year terms to guarantee continuity, historical memory, and impartiality. The award recipient will be formally announced during the business meeting of the Dental Materials Group at the IADR General Session & Exhibition and honored during the reception that follows. The committee may elect not to present an award if there is not an appropriate nominee.

Note: Past recipients of the IADR Wilmer Souder Award are not eligible, but acceptance of either of these two awards does not disqualify one for the Wilmer Souder Award.

Current deadline for nominations: January 28th, 2018.

The Award is supported by the Dental Materials Group of the IADR.

Please send nominations electronically to:
Chair, DMG Awards Committee

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