DMG Awards Committee

In 2011, following the dissolution of the DMG-AADR and consolidation of roles into the DMG-IADR, there were awards that existed historically in the AADR that were transferred into the IADR.  At the same time, the awards' committee was restructured to insure a broad perspective of the candidates being nominated for the awards.  A senior group of three members was established with the purpose of guaranteeing full knowledge of the senior nominees being considered.  That change was made in the DMG Constitution and ByLaws. 

Year: Members (Term)
2016-2018 Mutlu Ӧzcan, Thom Hilton, Reinhard Hickel
2015-2016 Dianne Rekow (2014-2017), Reinhard Hickel (2014-2017)
2014-2015 Jack Ferracane (2011-2015), John Powers (2011-2015),Dianne Rekow (2014-2017), Reinhard Hickel (2014-2017)
2013-2014 Jack Ferracane (2011-2015), John Powers (2011-2015), Jack Lemons (2011-2013)
2012-2013 Jack Ferracane (2011-2015), John Powers (2011-2015), Jack Lemons (2011-2013)
2011-2012 Jack Ferracane (2011-2015), John Powers (2011-2015), Jack Lemons (2011-2013)


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