1972 Reunion (4th)
(Cluster reunion with 2 other classes)

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Row 1 (sitting): Tim Gardner, Barb Windschill, Mary Beard, Jan Harley, Cay Buser, Ed Schlenk. Row 2 (kneeling): Larry Sommer, Brian Anderson, Bob Mazanec, Linda Jorgensen, Kathy Klobe, Liz Weikart, Karen Erickson. Row 3 (standing): Dave Peterson, Bonnie Anderson, Chris Friess, Eric Johnson, Richard Deming, George Jacobson, Connie Derr '69 (Warren Dunham's wife), Warren Dunham, Ken Sansome, Connie Jefferson - 4th Reunion (a cluster reunion) Group Photo without classmate names (weekend of June 9-11,1972)
L to R: Larry Sommer, Richard Deming, Mary Beard, Barb Windschill, Dave Peterson (weekend of June 9-11,1972)
Connie Derr '69 (Warren Dunham's wife), Warren Dunham (weekend of June 9-11,1972)
Connie Jefferson, Ken Sansome (weekend of June 9-11,1972)

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