Current lab members

From left, Xingli Li (Research Specialist), Aditya Vemulapati (Honors college undergraduate), Sami Barmada, Brittany Flores (graduate student, Cellular and Molecular Biology Program), Hilary Archbold (post-doctoral research fellow), Elizabeth Tank (Research Specialist), Nathaniel Safren (post-doctoral research fellow), and Kaitlin Weskamp (graduate student, Neuroscience Program)

Not pictured:

Roberto Miguez (Database analyst)

Iris Shao (cognitive biopsychology and neuroscience undergraduate)

Alexandra Bennett (Honors college undergraduate, majoring in Neuroscience and Spanish)

Lab Alumni

Daniel Peisach - Went on to an Internal Medicine residency at Wayne State University in 2014

Yuxi Zhang - Went on to pursue pre-medical training at Johns Hopkins University in 2014