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Sarr Blumson

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I'm a software developer for the Biometrics and Outcomes Research Core (BORC) where I build web based systems for doing data collection and warehousing for multi-site clinical trials.

In the middle 1960s I worked on the development of the Dartmouth College Time Sharing System, probably the first effort to make computing available to an entire university community. Since then I have done software system development for a variety of computer manufacturers, end users and service organizations.

More details are in my resume.

My real interests are in the development of system and networking software needed to support globally integrated applications. I'm particularly interested in applications that will allow a wide variety of information to be available to people who are isolated by geography, economics or physical handicaps.

My larger goal, as you can see from my very disorganized list of things that look interesting, is to know everything. Because of this, I know the answer to the great question How do you pronounce Linux?

These nice folks keep me going:

Diane, Mike, Andy and me

Levi (1992-2005):

Levi (1992-2005)

Pictures from our 2004 road trip to LA.

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