An Informal Survey of Bicycle Parking Use and Non-Use
The Ann Arbor Main St. Corridor


While conducting an inventory of existing bike parking along the Main St. Corridor I noted where bikes were actually parked. On designated parking racks or on other streetscape objects such as light-polls, trees, parking meters etc. This is not a comprehensive survey. It is limited to the streets inventoried on a given day.

March 10, Mon (1pm) - Main St. and the side streets to the East (one block)
March 23, Sun (3pm) - Ashley St. and 4th St., and the side st. to the East and West (one block)
April 11, Fri (11am) - Study Area Between Ann St (North) and Williams St. (South)



Non-use: bikes that are parked (locked) to an object of street furniture other then identified parking racks.

Using the Survey:
The results can be used to develop an idea of the use and non-use of the parking racks
within the study area. They should not be used as a calculation of numbers of bikes located in and
around the study area or the frequency of bike parking.





Results of Use/Non-Use Survey

  total bikes use designated parking non-use designated as % of total bikes
March 10 9 5 4 56%
March 23 10 3 7 30%
April 11 15 5 10 33%
Totals 34 13 21 38%



Time Lapse of Use/Non-Use Survey




Comments and observations: