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Biking is a great commuting option that provides health benefits, economic savings and is an environmentally friendly option.
No matter what your age or athletic ability, biking is a great form of exercise that can get you downtown. Each time you bike to the store or work instead of driving you save money, time spent on finding a parking place, and you're able to park directly in front of your destination at no cost!

Downtown employees find biking to work a money-saving, convenient and healthy means of commuting to work. There are many resources that can make your commute easier and assist you in starting your own personal plan to bike to work. Biking is also a great transportation option for running errands in the middle of your work day.

Most bicycle commutes are relatively short distances (5-10 miles) and don't require strenuous physical exertion so you can arrive to work looking fresh and awake! If your commute is a longer distance and you work downtown, you may want to put your bike on the bus, use your go!pass for part of the trip and bike the rest of the way.

The City of Ann Arbor's Bicycle Program provides bike locker rentals, bike rack sales, safety education programs and bike path and facility maintenance and development. Bicycle registration is required in the City of Ann Arbor for everyone over 12 years of age. The registration cost is $2.50 and bikes can be registered at local bike shops or at the City Clerk's office. Contact Jane Kent, the City's Bike Coordinator for more information about biking events, safety and the City's bike program (734-971-5471).

Ann Arbor Bicycle Program

UM Bike Study

Bike to Work Week

Bike To Work Day Press Release

DownTown Ann Arbor Bicycle Parking

Ann Arbor Bicycle Program
Bike Map!

The City of Ann Arbor Bicycle Map is now free of charge. You can pick up your free copy at one of the the following locations:

  • City of Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation Dept. (6th floor), City Hall
  • Two Wheel Tango
  • Ann Arbor Cyclery
  • Washtenaw Cycle and Fitness
  • getDowntown Program, Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce

Do you have a great biking route to get to work downtown? Would you like to share it with other cyclists who are commuting downtown?  Click here!