Midterm information: 
  Presentation in class, using web pages, on the computer in the classroom. 
  Tuesday immediately following spring break. 

  5 minute presentations--there are 16 students, so that is 16*5=80 minutes with 20 minutes left for questions, comments and suggestions. 

  Students working in groups--each group participant is to give a five minute presentation. 

  Please introduce yourself (first and last name) and state what college and program you are in within the university 

  Order of presentation (feel free to rearrange within subgroups): 

  • Zak Branigan  (has job interview and so moved)
  • Paula Kremidas, Moira Zellner, Tanvi Parikh, Wei Jin 
  • Alan Bean and John Allread 
  • Shalonda Hunter and Lindsay Mason 
  • Bjorn Hansen and Andy McCloskey 
  • Chae Gun Chung 
  • Jeremy Mollison 
  • Seung-Hoon Han  
  • Dan Pugh 
  • Kenny Sims