City Planning Commission

1. General description

  - when : 7:00 p.m. Thursday, January 23, 2003
  - where : Guy C. Larcom, JR. Municipal Building, Council Chamber, Second Floor
  - agenda : Public hearing and Action on 9 projects

2. GIS usage

  Basic materials to describe each project were maps, pictures, and site plans. These materials helped the commission members and the other participants to understand and share the ideas of each project. These materials generally were shown on the plastic boards, or through overhead projection. These traditional ways to present are very common, and prepared easily. It is found that more advanced way to present geographic information such as ArcInfo and ArcView is not common yet. Anyhow, it is obvious that no city planning can be made without geographic information and its analysis. In addition, Geographic infomation tools help to make decisions by sharing the geographic information with commission members, the interest parties, and the community.

3. Differences from the city planning commission in Jeonju, Korea

 There are some differences between the city planning commission of the city of Ann Arbor and that of the city of Jeonju, Korea. The differences are briefly summarized as following.

a. It is held more often and regularily.
   It is held twice a month regularily, but the commission of Jeonju is held about 4 times a year unregularily. The time is detemined by the demand and announced to the public.

b. It is held in the evening.
   The commission held in the evening helps the members who may be volunteers to attend the meeting without interrupting their own works. It also helps ones who can not attend the meeting during the day time to participate the meeting. The commission in Jeonju is held in the day time.

c. The members from outside of the city play major roles instead of the city staffs.
   The chair is not a city employee. She is from outside of the city. The members from outside of the city play major roles instead of the city staffs, even though the decision making is based on the staff recommendation as in Korea. The chairs in most Korean planning commissions are Mayers.