City of Ann Arbor - Planning Commission Meeting

February 5, 2002

The hot item of discussion of the night was the proposed ordinance revision to allow for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). There were many residents from an extremely wide variety of backgrounds who came to voice their opinions at the public hearing. The reasons generally cited (if there was significant reason as opposed to emotion or speculation) that ADUs should not be allowed in the city were that students were unwanted, that violations of the ordinance could not be tracked or enforced and that it would add excessive density to the neighborhoods. Many of the arguements seemed very unfounded to me, and the scenarios put forth as "imminent" seemed rather unrealistic. But this was a very hot issue with many arguements on both sides of the issue.

Other items that were addressed at the planning comission were generally dealing with site planning. Pfizer petitioned to have the land where it is currently planning to develop a research campus rezoned to be a planned unit development (PUD). The site plan for the new city library was approved, along with a condominium site plan that was in the area. A proposal to build a flood control wall around a small montesorri school was approved as well.