Hazel Park ADA Sidewalk

Improvement Project


Hazel Park is trying to make all of the sidewalk intersections in the city handicapped-accessible.  However, there are a lot to replace. Some may become damaged and need to be repaired.  We need your help in finding these intersections.  Click here to see examples of improved and unimproved intersections. 

This project was created by Bjorn Hansen and Andy McCloskey, graduate students from the University of Michigan.  To read about the background of this project, click here

Download Acrobat Reader below. To see picture of the CD we gave to Hazel Park, click here.


The seven links below contain all the zones representing the city from which you can click on and pick out your area for noting a sidewalk problem.



     Zone 1                                     Zone 2     




          Zone 3                                 Zone 4





                Zone 5          Zone 6             Zone 7





Map source: City of Hazel Park

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In addition to allowing residents to give information to the City, this website allows forms and reports from the City to be distributed to residents through the Internet. 

What types of files or documents from the City would you like? 

City of Hazel Park Parcel Map Yes No
City of Hazel Park crime report map Yes No
City of Hazel Park Master Plan Yes No
City of Hazel Park tourist guide Yes No
City of Hazel Park zoning map Yes No
City of Hazel Park historic guide Yes No
Aerial map of the City  Yes No
SEMCOG maps:  regional Census tract map (regional, tracts, master plans, land use, Michigan Geographic Framework) Yes No
SEMCOG maps:  regional master plan maps Yes No
SEMCOG maps:  Land use maps Yes No
SEMCOG maps:  Michigan Geographic Framework maps--includes hydro, roads, Minor Civil Divisions, and many features. Yes No
SEMCOG maps:  Bus routes Yes No
SEMCOG maps:  Oakland County poverty and income Yes No
SEMCOG maps:  Oakland County traffic crash maps Yes No

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Created by:

Bjorn Hansen and Andy McCloskey

Winter, 2001

This website was created as a project for the University of Michigan's Taubman College Geographic Information System class under the direction of Professor Sandy Arlinghaus.